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Friends! On October 31st, 2019 WWE is going to do an another tour of Saudi Arabia. We are going to see an another event of Crown Jewel. This is going to happen at King Fahd International Stadium, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Everyone is waiting for this event because we are going to see some historic matches, like Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, The “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury vs “Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman, Team Hogan vs Team Flair.

But here we are going to give you 5 last minute shocking results of Crown Jewel 2019. This is going to be a very interesting article. So, please read it till the end. If you want to know the matches that is going to happen in this pay-per-view, then click this.


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Team Hogan vs Team Flair

At Crown Jewel we are going to see a team rivalry. This is the rivalry of two Hall of Famer of WWE i.e. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. We are going to see a match in between Team Hogan vs Team Flair.

The members of Team Hogan are: Roman Reigns (Captain), Mustafa Ali, Shorty G, Ricochet and Rusev.

The members of Team Flair are: Randy Orton (Captain), Drew McIntyre, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin

This is a 5 on 5 match.

In paper, Team Flair is looking so good over Team Hogan because they have big superstars. But audience is more supporting Team Hogan because Team Hogan is playing as a face while the every team members of Team Flair plays the role of heel. So, the audience supports is fully for Team Hogan.

But in Crown Jewel WWE will make disappoint to everyone. Being a very strong team, Team Flair will win this match. No doubt this is going to be a blockbuster match, but the result will go in the favor of Team Flair.


alt="Kevin Owens will become United States Champion" at Crown Jewel 2019.
Kevin Owens United States Champion

At Crown Jewel , we are going to see a 20 men Battle Royal. The winner of this battle royal will face AJ Styles on the same night for the US Championship

If we look on the title reign of AJ Styles, then it is going very poor. So, we may see a title change in the night of Crown Jewel.

Actually, Kevin Owens will win the 20 men Battle Royal, and face AJ Styles same night for the United States Championship, and who know? we may get to see the new United State Champion after this match.

Actually last week, we saw that Kevin Owens attacked on AJ Styles, so definitely we may expect this match at Crown Jewel.


alt="Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel 2019"

The Gypsy King current boxing champion Tyson Fury will face “Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman. This is a very big match for the Crown Jewel because both men are from different sports’s environment. Braun Strowman is a WWE wrestler, but Tyson Fury is a boxer. 

This is very common in WWE that when some other’s sports person fights in WWE. We have already seen a match between Big Show and Floyd Mayweather at Wrestle Mania 24. In that match, Floyd Mayweather defeated Big Show.

So, it will be no surprising thing if Tyson Fury will knock out Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel.


alt="Seth Rollins vs Fiend at Crown Jewel"
Seth Rollins vs Fiend

We are going to see a match in between Seth Rollins and Fiend for the Universal Title. It will be a “Falls Count Anywhere” match, this means there is a no chance of happening disqualification in this match. Definitely we are going to see some result of this match.

Although both superstars are from different brand. Seth Rollins is from Monday Night Raw while Fiend is from Smackdown. So, definitely Seth Rollins will win this match because already WWE Championship is on the blue brand. 

If we see the current momentum of Fiend, then there is a no chance of losing of Fiend. So, question is that- How Seth Rollins will retain his Universal Title against Fiend?

There is only one way that he can defend his Universal Title against Fiend. We all are noticing that Seth Rollins is getting hate from WWE fans, while Fiend is getting cheers. 

So we may see the heel turn of Seth Rollins in this match. WWE may take a step to make Seth Rollins a heel superstars again. Time is also saying that this is the nice time for Seth Rollins to become the heel superstar.


alt="Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez at Crown Jewel for the WWE Championship"
Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

On October 4, 2019 we saw the debut of Cain Velasquez on Smackdown, and he attacked on Brock Lesnar. Then, WWE confirmed a match between Brock Lesnar vs Cain Cain Velasquez for the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel. 

10 years ago, Cain Velasquez defeated Brock Lesnar, but that match happened in UFC. From 10 years Brock Lesnar is waiting for this moment. Now he got an opportunity to take his revenge. 

It will be slightly an easy task for Brock Lesnar because WWE is very different from UFC, and Brock Lesnar is the king of WWE.  

But rumors is saying that WWE wants to give a major push to Cain Velasquez. So according to rumors Cain Velasquez may become the WWE Champion at Crown Jewel. This will be the most shocking scenario, if this happen at Crown Jewel. 


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