2020 Women Royal Rumble Winner Prediction


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. We are here to give you about the 2020 Women Royal Rumble Winner Prediction. We all are watching women’s royal rumble match from 2018. Like men’s royal rumble, women’s royal rumble is also very exciting and interesting. Like men’s Royal Rumble, people waits for women’s royal rumble too. Shocking returns and surprising results are seen here also.

Like men’s Royal Rumble, fans excites for the women’s royal rumble match too. So here we are going to tell you top 4 favorite contender to win the women’s royal rumble match

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Shayna Baszler is the number 1 contender to win women's Royal Rumble 2020.

According to reports Shayna Baszler is the number 1 contender to win the 2020 women’s royal rumble match. WWE is planning to bring Shayna Baszler on the main roster, and they may do this at Royal Rumble 2020.

Recently Shayna Baszler lost her NXT title against Rhea Ripley after very very long time. According to reports- This happened because WWE has been decided to bring Shayna Baszler on the main roster. 

Rhea Ripley defeated Shayna Baszler. Rhea Ripley NXT Champion.

We think this will be a good and right decision by WWE to bring Shayna Baszler on the main roster because nothing is left for Shayna at yellow brand (NXT). She has done many things on NXT. 

Probably she may come in Royal Rumble match, and it will be no surprising element if she win the Rumble.

At Survivor Series 2019, Shayna Baszler defeated both Becky Lynch and Bayley in a triple threat match. Definitely WWE will continue this storyline. Shayna Baszler will select Becky Lynch for the Wrestle Mania 36, and it will be a good storyline to watch because Shayna is a very tough competitor, and she is a right person to face Becky at Wrestle Mania. 

Shayna Baszler vs Becky Lynch


2020 Royal Rumble Return.

After doing main event at Wrestle Mania 35 against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey is away from television of WWE. Everyone is waiting for her most awaited return in WWE.

Now reports are saying that WWE is ready to bring her back in WWE because Wrestle Mania is coming, and WWE needs someone like Ronda Rousey.

If WWE is planning to bring her back in WWE, then we think that story may be like that she will return in Royal Rumble 2020, and probably win the Royal Rumble.

After that she will challenge Becky Lynch for Wrestle Mania 36. This will be a good storyline because Ronda lost the Raw women championship against Becky Lynch at Wrestle Mania 35, and definitely she want to take a rematch against Becky Lynch. This will be a good storyline to bring Ronda Rousey. 

WWE Wrestle Mania 35 main event.
Becky Lynch delivered armbar on Ronda Rousey.

It will be a big match for the Wrestle Mania. With storyline, definitely they will give a best fight at Wrestle Mania. 


WWE Charlotte Flair. 2020 Royal Rumble winner prediction.

After Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey, if someone is favorite to win 2020 Royal Rumble match that women is Charlotte Flair. After coming on Raw, Charlotte’s booking is not happening properly. We all know the capability of Charlotte Flair, but WWE is not booking her strongly.

But according to reports, WWE may give a major push to Charlotte Flair, and if this rumors is right, then she may win the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

We think that she also deserve this because she need to come in the title’s picture. It will be her decision that whom does she choose? but definitely she will give a strong competition to the champion at Wrestle Mania.


WWE Sasha Banks.
Sasha Banks is the favorite to win the 2020 Royal Rumble Match.

Few months ago, WWE was planning a feud in between Sasha Banks and Bayley, but they switched from that plan. Now they are working with each other.

If we see the current storyline, then WWE is nothing doing special with both women.

But we all know that WWE always keeps big matches for Wrestle Mania, and we think that WWE saving this feud for Wrestle Mania.  

If WWE is thinking for this feud then story will be like that Sasha Banks will enter in the 2020 Royal Rumble Match, and probably she will win the match. After winning the match, she will challenge her friend Bayley for the Wrestle Mania 36. If you don’t know then we are telling you that 26 January is the birth date of Sasha Banks. May be WWE will give her a birthday present.

We think it will a good feud in between both friend. It will be “Friend vs Friend“. 

Bayley vs Sasha Banks

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