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Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This time we are going to tell you about that 3 changes that Paul Heyman has already made to Monday Night Raw. Today’s Monday Night Raw was held at Dallas, TX, and it was the first ever Raw under Paul Heyman’s command. As we know that WWE has announced the Paul Heyman’s name as the new Executive Director of Raw. This means that we can expect some changes and fresh stories in the Raw brand. Friends! Today’s Raw went as like our expectation. We saw many interesting stuffs on this week’s Raw edition. It was a full of surprising, shocking and entertaining Monday Night Raw. We think that it could be the ”Best Raw of 2019”. In this article we will tell you about some changes that happened under Paul Heyman’s control over Raw.


braun strowman vs bobby lashley falls count anywhere

This match was one of the most talking point of tonight’s Monday Night Raw. As  we know that WWE has already announced that Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley is going to face each other in “Falls Count Anywhere” match. We saw this match at the beginning of the Raw, which was the best decision of WWE because from so many times we are watching “Promo Segments” at the beginning of the show. But this time Paul thought some different.

Initially this match was going very nicely. We saw so many action by the both superstars. We also saw some action between the audience as well. They used some of the stuffs like chairs, etc. Both were doing superbly. Sometimes Braun were looking dominant, sometime Bobby were looking dominant. But interesting scenario came when Braun threw his own body on the Bobby’s body, and then hit with Titantron LED, and fall down very brutally. It was the very shocking moment for the audience as well us. Really it was so scary. After this, referee stooped this match via no result. Both Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman went hospital after this scary accident. This was the most highlight moment of this week’s Raw.

The injury status of both men is that, Bobby Lashley are fine, and he has reportedly been released from immediate care, but Braun Strowman is suffering from pelvis injury. It may be the storyline part, but we hope that Braun will recover as soon as possible.


mike and maria kanellis

After coming of this couple in WWE, they didn’t get so many opportunities on Raw or Smackdown brand. But after the impressive run over 205 Live, Paul Heyman brought them back on Red brand again. we think this is a nice decision by the WWE because no one is thinking about this couple. We think that the storyline they brought with couple is so interesting. It was the mix tag team match of this couple against Seth Rollins vs. Becky Lynch on today’s Raw. But later on, Maria told that she is pregnant. Mike surprised after listen this. Then she told to Mike that “You are not the man enough to get me pregnant”. After this Becky and Seth won this match. Then Maris told to Mike that “I cannot believe that you are the father of my children. You disappointed me. May be next time I’ll ask Becky to get pregnant me”. I hope WWE will keep stand with couple, put them into a strong storyline.


Aj Styles heel turned, and attacked on Ricochet

One of the biggest issues in WWE over past few months that WWE is not providing any good rivalries which affected WWE so much. However this week’s on Raw, script has changed. We saw two biggest heel turned in WWE i.e. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. It is clearly looking the purpose of WWE that they are building strong heel superstars, and from last two week heel superstar are dominating. First, Samoa Joe attacked on WWE champion Kofi Kingston brutally, and looking that he may be the next WWE champion at Extreme Rules, and next the biggest heel turned of AJ Styles. WWE already gave some hint that AJ is going to turn heel character because he was looking with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows from last few weeks. Today, after the match of US championship, Bullet Club formed again, and they attacked on Ricochet, and AJ Styles turned into the heel character.

We think this is a great move by the WWE because AJ also looks impressive into the heel character. Even AJ get so much attention in heel character. So it is going to interesting to see the new role of AJ Styles. I hoped you will like today’s Raw. Please comment about you thoughts on today’s role, and Paul Heyman’s role.

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