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Welcome to all in the Wrestling Battle. Friends! This time we are going to tell you about that 5 surprising debut at Double or Nothing. As we know that a new wrestling company (All Elite Wrestling) has born in the Pro Wrestling world. The first pay-per-view is going to held at 25th May 2019 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is going to be very interesting pay-per-view. Whole world is talking about this inaugural event. We may see so many interesting and surprising stuffs on this event. Tony Khan also revealed that many surprises are planned for Double or Nothing. We compiled a list that we believe that these superstars could make surprise debut at Double or Nothing. So without time wasting, lets start the article.


aew rumors

After the expiring of Dean Ambrose’s contract from WWE, people are talking that what will be the next step of Dean? Where he will go? either WWE or AEW ?  We think that WWE is trying to bring him back in WWE. But Dean already said that he will not come in WWE. The reason behind this that Dean said that he is not happy from the WWE and Vince because he do not get main event. He had become only a mid card  superstars. If he will stick to his decision then only option is available for him which is AEW.

As we know that AEW is just started, and they are trying to include top superstars in their roster. Definitely they need a superstars like Dean Ambrose. It will be awesome for their brand because Dean have enough capability like fiery promotion, main event superstars, even the craziness in Dean which brings so many people to see him. We may see fresh rivalries of Dean Ambrose at AEW. Recently AEW talked about Dean too. They want Dean Ambrose in their brand. Rumors is that Dean will get 6 million dollar contract, if he join the AEW. So, we need to wait for Double or Nothing pay-per-view. But we think that if WWE will fail to bring him back then definitely Dean will move to All Elite Wrestling.


AEW rumors

Another interesting name is Johnny Impact. Well in this case we will say Johnny Elite. I think you all will think that this is impossible but we need to be realistic because we know that AEW have great relationship between Impact Wrestling, and it will be possible that Impact Wrestling champion Johnny impact move to AEW. We don’t know that it will be short contract or long contract but in both case it will work for All Elite Wrestling because Johnny is an incredible superstars, and in heel character he is awesome. If this happen then it will be great move by the AEW.


AEW Rumors

Next name is Austin Aries. recently Austin told that he is ready for Las Vegas. After this statement, it is rumoring that Austin Aries will be present at Las Vegas at Double or Nothing. Well he was a former WWE superstar, and after that he is working with Impact Wrestling. Austin will be a great deal for AEW because Austin is good selection for promotion. He is also a good performer in ring. So it will be good choice, if he will come in AEW, and also it will be good for Austin’s carrier too. We may see a good rivalry between him and PAC. He is great superstars in heel character, and AEW needs a heel superstars like him. It will be great steel by AEW.


AEW Rumors

Three months ago it was rumor that former WWE superstar Jack Swagger is going to AEW. If this happen then it will be great deal for the AEW. Jack Swagger is in great momentum. Recently he earned a big victory in MMA. He will be great asset for All Elite Wrestling, if he joins the AEW. Lets see is he come on“Double or Nothing” or not?


AEW Rumors

This is the last but not least, this is none other Mr. Perfect 10 i.e. Tye Dillinger. After releasing from WWE, Tye is free right now. But this is most predictable that he is going to AEW, and it will be huge moment for AEW to call him because he is great ring performer and also a great superstar. He may be the good selection for mid card superstars.

So, these above are our predictions that they may be join the All Elite Wrestling company in upcoming future. I hope you will like this article. Please read our article completely, and visit our site daily for looking newest and interesting articles. We will provide you every updates related to wrestling world. Once again, visit on our site daily because on there, many of interesting article is available. So, you can read that article, and get many of information. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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