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Welcome to all in the Wrestling Battle. Friends! This time we are going to tell you about Jon Moxley returns. I think some of you will be thinking that who is John Moxley? Well, Jon Moxley is none other, he is our former WWE superstar Dean Ambrose. Breaking news is that Dean Ambrose released his new video on twitter, and that video has been viral. I know you all are thinking that what he is doing in this video? what type of that video? Is he giving some sign to return in pro wrestling company? Is he going WWE or AEW? These all questions are emerging in your mind. So don’t worry we are going to tell answers of your questions. So without wasting time lets start the article.


aew rumors: dean want get rid of “ambrose asylum”

I know you all will be thinking that what we are saying that Dean wants to get rid of “Ambrose  Asylum”. What does this means? Yes this true! The video that Dean Ambrose released that which showing these rumors. In this video Dean is looking very dangerous, and he stuck in jail, and wants to run from the that jail. He is looking very disturb, and people are coming to caught him, and he is running from them. He is doing some training. Then he is looking in hardcore character which is original character of Dean Ambrose. You can watch this video on twitter on the account of Jon Moxley.

Our predictions says that this video do not belongs to WWE because the stuffs that using Dean Ambrose ( jagged wire), and emerging blood from his hands, WWE do not advertise this. As you know that WWE always advertise a video that “Do not try WWE moves at anywhere”, and this video is very dangerous.


aew rumors: jon moxley returned

After doing all stuffs by the Dean Ambrose, video ended with above image. This means that Dean returned with his originally name which is Jon Moxley. After this video, Dean Ambrose giving some future signs. He is going to take a big step in future. But you will be thinking that where the Dean will go? Well, there is two things are emerging from this video which is confusing.

First thing is that in this video Dean is sitting on dice where 25 is written which is exactly the same date of Double or Nothing of AEW. The second thing is that in this video a “Big Dog” is looking which reveals about Roman Reigns because Roman reigns is also famous for Big Dog. So these all are speculations, but we think that we need to wait for Dean’s next step. Our predictions says that Dean may be go in any INDIE show. But Definitely he didn’t do this for WWE because his contract has expired from WWE. But this video is so awesome, and this is spreading like fire. We are very excited for Dean’s next step.

So this is all about our today’s prediction, and comment your views on Dean Ambrose’s this epic step. I hope you will like this article. Please read our article completely, and visit our site daily for looking newest and interesting articles. We will provide you every updates related to wrestling world. Once again, visit on our site daily because on there, many of interesting article is available. So, you can read that article, and get many of information. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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