AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan will become New IC Champion

WWE Rumors: AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan will become New IC Champion

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This time we are giving you some wwe rumors and spoilers. Friends! We know that WWE stripped of the Intercontinental Title from Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn is no longer to a IC Champion.

Intercontinental Championship tournament on Friday Night Smackdown

This week at Friday Night Smackdown, WWE runs a tournament for vacant Intercontinental Championship. Two matches(King Corbin vs Elias and Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak) have been performed. Two matches(AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus) scheduled for next week on Smackdown. It will be go on, until we do not get a new Intercontinental Champion.

Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus IC Title Tournament Round-1 match

But friends, Wrestling Battle thinks that either Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles is going to win this tournament, and become a new WWE Intercontinental Champion. You can assume this a wwe rumors or a spoiler. We are going to explain this theory in details, so read this article till the end. 

WWE Rumors: Why Daniel Bryan will become new IC Champion?

In 2015, Daniel Bryan relinquished had to relinquished the Intercontinental title due to his neck injury, even he said that he can’t wrestle again.


Daniel Bryan relinquished WWE IC Title

But in 2018, Daniel Bryan returned to WWE again. It was one of the good things that happened in WWE. Then he won WWE Championship, and now Daniel Bryan performing on Friday Night Smackdown. He is a face superstar now. 

He is performing in this tournament, and he has entered into semi-finale after defeating Drew Gulak. After winning the match, Daniel Bryan mentioned this thing that In 2015 he dropped the title due to neck’s injury, but now is ready to win this title again.

Daniel Bryan entered into Semi Finale of IC title tournament

WWE have a good storyline to show this thing that Daniel Bryan dropped the title 5 years ago, and they have a good chance to make Daniel Bryan again a IC champion.

We think that this is a good concept because after getting the IC title, Daniel Bryan will get more momentum, and even IC title will get a prestige value. Daniel Bryan is a big superstar, and WWE needs to book him properly. Current storyline of Daniel Bryan with Drew Gulak is not good.

AJ Styles will become IC Champion, and move to Smackdown

When we watched the 4 matches of Round-1 of this tournament, we got surprised by watching one superstar. Because we saw a match which will happen in between Raw superstars AJ Styles vs Smackdown superstars Shinsuke Nakamura. 

Round-1 matches of IC title tournament 2020

WWE running a concept of brand to brand invitation. According to this concept, any wwe superstar can go into another brand 4 times in a year. According to this concept, AJ Styles is performing in this tournament, and his first match is going to happen against Shinsuke Nakamura on next week on Friday Night Smackdown.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura IC Title Tournament Match 2020

Wrestling Battle observed that WWE have big plans for AJ Styles, otherwise they do not add him into this tournament. AJ Styles is a big superstars in current roster of WWE. He is the fans favorite. We know that WWE is lacking to get viewership in these days. So they can use AJ Styles in a very efficient manner to solve this problem at some level.

If WWE is thinking like this, then definitely he will win Intercontinental title. But one question comes that- AJ Styles is working for Monday Night Raw, then how he can win this title? If he wins this title, then IC title will move on Monday Night Raw, and this is out of the box.

WWE AJ Styles on Smackdown

If AJ Styles is going to win the Intercontinental Title, then definitely WWE Draft is coming very soon, because superstars’s Draft is the only way to solve this problem. AJ Styles will win IC Championship, and move to Smackdown after draft. 

The star-power of AJ Styles is very high, and definitely Fox Network is demanding for AJ Styles to WWE, that’s why WWE is thinking on this.

What do you think on our predictions? DO comment. This is our today’s wwe rumors and spoilers.

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