CM Punk invited for WWE Fox Studio.


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Friends! This time we are going to tell you some news about CM Punk.

Friends! We all know that Smackdown is moving on Fox Network from next week.

But the latest news is that Fox has announced their new sports studio show i.e. “WWE Backstage”. This is a talk show.

This show will be host by the Renee Young, and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

WWE Backstage host at Fox Network

This show will officially premiere on October 5, 2019 at Fox Sports 1.

But the most interesting news is that Fox is trying to bring CM Punk for this show.

According to Dave Meltzer– Few months ago, the representative of CM Punk went to meeting with Fox, and they said to Fox that- Can CM Punk do some role in the upcoming talk studio which will be based on WWE’s theme.

CM Punk is interesting for the interviewer role for this show. But the WWE was not interesting on that time.

But interesting thing is that this show is totally organised by the Fox Network, not by the WWE.

According to PWInsiderCM Punk was in the Los Angeles early this week for a meeting to be a potential on air role for this show. He did some testing.

If we look on this news, then this news is looking absolutely legit, because when CM Punk came at Starrcast Q&A in Chicago, he mentioned that he can talk to anyone now.

He also mentioned that dispute has finished between him and WWE. Now, everything is fine between him and WWE.

Although CM Punk always talk that he will not come in pro wrestling’s world, but friends! Money may be the key factor to bring him back in WWE.

We are not saying that CM Punk needs money, but he lost so much money during the dispute was happening between him and WWE. News is that WWE is offering him a very big amount to come back in WWE.

So, he will get so much profit, if he sign with WWE.

So, if everything will be fine, and CM Punk will ready for this role, then definitely we will see him on WWE Backstage, and Who know? he may return in WWE’s ring in future.


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