Jon Moxley insulted Vince McMahon again

WWE Rumors and Spoilers: Jon Moxley insulted Vince McMahon again

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE rumors and spoilers. We have a latest wwe news for you. After going from WWE, Dean Ambrose or Jon Moxley is continuing talking negatively about WWE. 

Last time we told you that- How Dean Ambrose said about his WWE return, that he would love to work at McDonald or street’s making job, rather than working in WWE again. Even he defamed Vince McMahon. He defamed Vince McMahon’s working model, and many more.

Recently he said something more about Vince McMahon. He compared Vince McMahon to Tony Khan(President of AEW). We will discuss everything in details, so read this article till the end.

WWE Rumors and Spoilers: Jon Moxley compared Vince McMahon to Tony Khan

vince mcmahon vs tony khan

Recently Jon Moxley(Dean Ambrose) said that whenever I brings any idea or plan in front of Tony Khan(President of All Elite Wrestling), he gets excite like a baby, in fact he appreciates my work. He always thinks on my ideas or plans, but when I was working in WWE, and I used to bring some ideas to Vince McMahon, then Vince McMahon always denied my ideas and plans.

He always said “Old shit”. Vince McMahon never listened my thoughts and plans. Jon Moxley said Vince McMahon never reacted on my thoughts, I was feeling like I’m talking with a door. 

So, this is the main difference told by Jon Moxley about Tony Khan and Vince McMahon. 

Jon Moxley said negatively about Vince McMahon

After listening that, a questions comes in mind that- Is every superstars who are currently working with WWE are fool? because if Vince’s nature is like that as says by Jon Moxley, then who will work with WWE? or Vince’s only problem was with Dean Ambrose?

Because still many big superstars is working with Vince McMahon, but they never said like that for Vince McMahon.

We don’t know what is exactly happened with Dean Ambrose? but this is the thinking of Dean Ambrose for Vince McMahon.

This is all about from this article. What your thoughts after knowing this kind of thoughts of Dean Ambrose(Jon Moxley) for Vince McMahon? Do comment.

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