MITB Spoilers: A fatal stunt performed in Money in the Bank ladder match

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This upcoming Sunday we are going to see WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view, and we have a some MITB spoilers for you. This Sunday we are going to see an unique Money in the Bank ladder match in WWE. Both men’s and women’s ladder match is going to happen simultaneously. Everyone is very excited to see this match.

Climb the corporate ladder

But friends, WWE has already tapped Money in the Bank pay-per-view a week ago. WWE had enough time to edit this historical match. According to news and rumors, WWE superstars performed a fatal stunt during this match. We will give a brief detail regarding this, so read this article till the end.

MITB Spoilers: Vince McMahon demonstrate fatal stunt

Vince McMahon demonstarte the stunt for Money in the Bank 2020 ladder match.

Friends! The Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that there is a word “Big Fall” was listening around in this match. Reports is that Vince McMahon demonstrated this stunt for superstars.  

Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that: There have been descriptions from people who were aware of the taping of Vince McMahon showing whoever was supposed to go off the top that they had set it up safely and he demonstrated it.

Raw women champion Becky Lynch

Raw women champion Becky Lynch revealed that jumped from the tower during the ladder’s match tapping. The match would like include some big spots. It was the instruction by the Vince McMahon that keep a close eye on any dangerous moments during the show.

But rumored is that no one got injured badly.

WWE Money in the Bank moves and stunts

We are very familiar that Money in the Bank ladder matches always known to be for it’s moves and stunts. We get to see some fatal and risky moves during this match, but rumors are saying that this may be one of the fatal stunts in the history of WWE.

After listening this definitely you would excite more. But we have to wait for Sunday, because WWE is expert in spoiling the expectations.

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