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Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is the live article of this week’s Monday Night Raw which is happening at Enterprise Center, St. Louis , Missouri, USA on 28 October 2019.

This is the last Monday Night Raw before the happening of upcoming pay-per-view of WWE i.e. Crown Jewel. We may see the addition of some new matches. This is the last chance for WWE to make the hype of Crown Jewel.

So, this is going to be a very interesting article. So, please read it till the end. Read every result of this week’s Monday Night Raw. Here the live results are:-


Show was started by the return of Paige. She introduced the current Women Tag Champions Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane).

Paige said that I’m very happy that I introduced the women like Asuka and Kairi Sane as a tag team partner on main roster. But then, Asuka threw the green mist in the eyes of Paige. 

Before Asuka does anything with Paige, Becky Lynch’s music played. She came on the ring, and attacked on Kairi Sane and Asuka. 

After the commercial break, we saw a match in between Becky Lynch and Kairi Sane. Kairi Sane was attacking on Becky Lynch, but then Becky Lynch started counter attack on Kairi Sane. Becky Lynh tried to pin Kairi Sane, but Kairi kicked out.

Asuka was doing interference in this match. Kairi Sane took that advantage, and attacked on Becky Lynch.

After an another commercial break, Kairi Sane was in control over Becky Lynch. She delivered the knee on the jaw of Becky Lynch. Kairi tried to pin, but Becky did counter attack again. Becky hit some close lines on Kairi Sane.

Next she hit a back explorer on Kairi, and then tried to pin Kairi Sane, but Kairi kicked out again. Becky tried to hit Dis-Armer, but Kairi turned that move into submission lock, but Becky saved herself from that submission. This time Kairi Sane tried to pin Becky Lynch, but Becky Lynch kicked out.

Becky Lynch delivered a leg drop from top of the ring, and tried to pin Kairi Sane, but Kairi kicked out again. Asuka did some interference, but Becky handled her. Kairi delivered a back fist on Becky, and tried to pin Becky Lynch, but Becky Lynch kicked out.

Then, Becky Lynch delivered her finisher move Dis-Armer. Kairi Sane tapped out. Becky Lynch defeated Kairi Sane.

alt="Becky Lynch delivered Dis Armer on Kairi Sane"
Becky Lynch delivered Dis Armer on Kairi Sane


Before happening of this match, we heard some exchange of words by Buddy Murphy and R-Truth. Match started.

R-Truth was in control over Buddy Murphy. R-Truth tried to pin Buddy Murphy, but we saw the interference of locker room’s superstar, they were chasing Singh Brothers to grab the 24/7 title. Even R-Truth joined that chase. 

Then, R-Truth came on ring, but Buddy Murphy delivered a massive kick on R-Truth, and pinned R-Truth.


Next we saw the presence of The Street Profits on the ring. They enjoyed their last week’s victory against OC. They ended this segment by saying “We want the Smog“.


Next we saw the rematch of last week’s Monday Night Raw. We saw a match in between Ricochet and Drew McIntyre. Both Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair was available at outside the ring.

Before the happening of this match, Ricochet attacked on Drew McIntyre. Then, match started. Drew McIntyre started beating of Ricochet. 

Then, we saw some arguments between Hulk Hogan and Drew McIntyre. McIntyre was giving warning to Hulk Hogan that he will destroyed Hogan’s team team at Crown Jewel.

Ricochet tried to come in this match, but McIntyre delivered a back drop, and buckle bomb on Ricochet. 

Then, we saw the dominance of Drew McIntyre at outside the ring. He was totally controlling on this match.

After the commercial break, Ricochet started the counter attack on McIntyre. He started beating McIntyre by his athleticism. He tried to pin McIntyre, but McIntyre kicked out. 

Then, he tried to lift the McIntyre, but McIntyre did counter attack, and delivered a massive close line, and tried to pin Ricochet, but Ricochet kicked out. 

McIntyre tried to deliver Claymore kick, but Ricochet delivered a massive kick on the face of Drew McIntyre. Then, Ricochet tried to deliver 450 Splash, but McIntyre saved himself.

Then out of no where, Randy Orton came, and delivered RKO on Ricochet. Match ended with no result.


Next we saw a match in between Chicago Cubs vs Viking Raiders. It was the one sided match. Obviously, Chicago Cubs was the non professional wrestlers. They were not enough capable to beat Viking Raiders. Viking Raiders easily defeated the Chicago Cubs. 


Next we saw a match in between Andrade and Sin Cara. This was also a rematch of last week’s Monday Night Raw. This time Sin Cara came with a Mexican wrestler Catalina. Match started.

Andrade started attack on Sin Cara. He was beating the Sin Cara. But then, Sin Cara started counter attack. He was beating Andrade from his athleticism. Zelina tried to do some interference, but Catalina attacked on Zelina Vegas.

Sin Cara started to see outside, and Andrade took the advantage of that moment, and pinned Sin Cara. During the pinning, Andrade’s leg was on the rope, but referee didn’t see that.

Once again Andrade defeated Sin Cara.


Next we saw a women’s tag team match. One side we saw the team of Charlotte Flair and Natalya, while on the other side it was IIconics.

Match started by Charlotte Flair and Peyton Royce. Charlotte started attack on Peyton Royce. After beating sometime, Charlotte gave a tag to Natalya, but some moment later, Peyton Royce gave a tag to Billy Kae. 

IIconics were beating Natalya. Billy Kae tried to pin Natalya, but Charlotte Flair saved the match. Then Natlaya delivered a Sharp Shooter on Billy Kae, and Billy Kae tapped out. 


Next we saw a Falls Count Anywhere Match. It happened in between current Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Eric Rowan. Match started.

Seth Rollins started attack on Eric Rowan. Rollins tried to pin Eric Rowan, but Rowan kicked out immediately. 

Then, Rowan brought this match at outside the ring. He started attack on Rollins at outside the ring. Eric Rowan tried to pin Rollins, but Rollins kicked out. 

Then, this match went in between the WWE fans. Eric Rowan was beating Seth Rollins. Then, both men went on concession area. Eric Rowan delivered a Chockeslam on Rollins, and tried to pin, but Rollins kicked out again.

After the commercial break, we saw both men near the ring. This time Seth Rollins was attacking on Eric Rowan, He delivered two suicide dive on Eric Rowan, and third time Rowan caught him. 

Rollins tried to deliver Suicide dive 4th time, but this time Eric Rowan attacked on Rollins from Steel Steps. Then, Rowan hit the spine of Rollins on the post. 

Then, Eric Rowan tried to deliver a chockeslam on commentary table, but Rollins did counterattack, and delivered a curbstomb on commentary table, and tried to pin Eric Rowan, but Rowan kicked out. This match went on backstage now.

Then, Rollins started attack on Rowan from ladder, and delivered an another curbstomb on Rowan, and Rowan kicked out again.

Then, Rollins won this match by some creativity. Actually he trapped the Eric Rowan via a vehicle.


Next we saw a match in between AJ Styles and Humberto Carrillo. Match started.

Humberto was beating AJ Styles from his athletics moves. He tried to pin AJ Styles three times, but every time AJ Styles kicked out.

AJ Styles started counter attack, and he delivered D-Knee-D on Humberto Carrillo at outside the ring. 

After the commercial break, AJ Styles tried to come back in this match, but Humberto didn’t allow him. 

Humberto Carrillo delivered a Moonsault on AJ Styles, and tried to pin AJ Styles again, again AJ Styles kicked out. 

Then, AJ Styles applied a crab crusher on Humberto, and Humberto Carrillo tapped out. AJ Styles won this match.

After the ending of this match, AJ Styles hand forwarded to hand shake, but actually he was playing with Humberto, Humberto got anger hit a punch on AJ Styles, but then AJ Styles attacked on Humberto’s leg, and delivered a Styles Clash.

Then, OC tried to attack on Humberto Carrillo, but Street Profit saved Humberto Carrillo. 


In the main event of tonight’s Monday Night Raw, we saw the segment of Divorse court with Rusev and Lana. Jerry Lawler called both Rusev and Lana on ring. Then, Jerry Lawler asked to Lana about the truth.

Rusev and Lana in the King;s court. Divorse Court Segment.

Lana replied with some interesting statement. She said Rusev want to sex with her every time. She said that Rusev want to see me as a Rusev’s children mom. She told to Rusev on Rusev’s face that Rusev is a sex addict.

Then she told that Rusev cheated her. Then Rusev told to her that- Who told to you this? Lana said the name of Bobby Lashley. Rusev told to her that why don’t you called Bobby here, and ask him right now?

Then, Bobby Lashley came, and we saw a brawl in between Rusev and Bobby Lashley. Rusev was fully controlling over Bobby Lashley. He was beating Bobby Lashley, but then Lana started atatck on Rusev with candle stick. Rusev grabbed that candle stick, and said that- Why are you doing this, I Love You. 

But Booby Lashley got some time to relax, and he took the advantage of conversation of Rusev and Lana, and delivered a low blow on Rusev.

Bobby Lashley delivered a low blow on Rusev again, and after this, Bobby Lashley and Lana kissed each other. 

This is the ending of tonight’s MONDAY NIGHT RAW.

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