WWE Rumors and Spoilers: Adam Cole leaving WWE very soon

WWE Rumors and Spoilers: Adam Cole leaving WWE Very Soon

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Rumors and news is that current NXT champion “Undisputed Era’s leader” Adam Cole leaving WWE very soon.

Friends! AEW superstar Britt Baker and WWE NXT superstar Adam Cole are real life couple, and recently Britt Baker revealed that there is a possibility that Adam Cole may do wrestling in All Elite Wrestling. 

Britt Baker teases that Adam Cole leaving WWE

Adam Cole leaving WWE in Summer 2020 ?

Friends! Adam Cole’s contract with WWE is going to over in summer 2020. This may be over in either mid of August or early September. 

After coming of this statement by Brit Baker chances is increasing very highly that Adam Cole leaving WWE? and he may join All Elite Wrestling. 

Adam Cole’s shocking return at AEW ALL OUT PPV?

AEW ALL OUT PPV 2020 rumors

Friends! On September 5, 2020 AEW is coming with their one of the big PPV i.e. ALL OUT PPV, and just few days before Adam Cole’s contract is expiring.

If Adam Cole will not re-sign his contract with WWE, then we may see him at ALL OUT PPV as a shocking debut.

This will be the biggest asset or achievement for All Elite Wrestling, if he brings Adam Cole in own company.

Even Cole was also at AEW’s Memorial Day party with Britt Baker. The Young Bucks, SCU and others were there as well. He has been to a few AEW social situations in the past.

WWE can offer a big money deal to Adam Cole

Friends! We are watching continuously that how AEW is bringing WWE’s superstars in own company.

There are many examples like Dean Ambrose(Jon Moxley), Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Luke Harper(Brodie Lee).

Rumor is that they are looking for Rusev, Ryback and Zack Ryder. This gives a full hint that AEW’s eyes on WWE’s superstars. 

If Adam Cole moves to All Elite Wrestling then it will be the big loss for WWE because Adam Cole is the face of WWE NXT.

WWE undisputed Era

He leads NXT roster. He is the big face of NXT, and runs NXT’s biggest faction “Undisputed Era”. 

We think that WWE can offer him a big amount’s deal to stay on WWE because WWE is master in such conditions. They very well know how to handle situation like this.

But if they unable to stop Adam Cole, then WWE is going to lose an another big superstar.

Do you think that should Adam Cole move to All Elite Wrestling? DO Comment.

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