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WWE Rumors and Spoilers: Otis said which Championship he will cash-in

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. We have some wwe rumors and spoilers for you. Friends! Money in the Bank pay-per-view has been finished few hours ago. Asuka won the women’s money in the bank 2020 ladder match, while Otis won the men’s money in the bank 2020 ladder match.

Asuka and Otis won 2020 Money in the Bank 2020 ladder match

No one was expecting that Otis will win this unique ladder match. Now a big question comes that- Why Vince McMahon went for the Otis? and another question is that- For which championship, Otis will cash-in his money in the bank briefcase? Otis has revealed that which championship he is looking for? We will tell you everything in detail, so read this article till the end.

WWE Rumors and Spoilers: Otis is looking for Tag Team Championship

WWE Heavy Machinery 2020

Well, it is obvious that Otis is not looking worthy for either WWE Championship or Universal Championship. But friends, Otis already mentioned before Money in the Bank pay-per-view that if he wins Money in the Bank briefcase, then he will cash-in that briefcase on Tag Team Championship. Check out what Otis said are as follows:

“If I get the briefcase, we’re challenging for the Tag Team titles. I don’t think there’s a rule of what titles to challenge for, so we’re going to challenge for the Tag Team titles, cash it in and that’s what’s going to happen… if I can get up that ladder. I’m a little scared of heights. And I hope that ladder’s going to be sturdy enough to carry my weight.”

WWE is going to make an another historic moment

WWE rumors and spoilers

Well, it is fact that if anyone wins Money in the Bank ladder match, then he/she can go for any title. It do not matter whether it is WWE Championship or Tag team Championship.

We know that WWE is making historic moment from last 2-3 years. First they introduced Women’s pay-per-view, then women’s Royal Rumble, then women’s Money in the Bank PPV, then Women’s main event at WrestleMania, and now it is going to be the first time that anyone cash-in own Money in the Bank briefcase for Tag team Championship.

It do not matter that which team(New Day or Street Profits) it will be? but definitely Heavy Machinery will cash-in Money in the Bank briefcase on some Tag Team Championship, and probably it will be successful cash-in.

Well, what do you think about this decision of WWE? Are you ready to see cash-in on Tag Team Championship? DO comment.

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