NXT Referee Jessika Carr said Goodbye to NXT.


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Friends! This week on NXT, we got a sad news for NXT. Actually referee Jessika Carr has said goodbye to NXT brand. 

Today when NXT went offair, Tommaso Ciampa announced that everyone here is a part of NXT family, and one of our family member is leaving us from tonight. He said that Jessika Carr is leaving NXT

Although it’s a sad news for NXT, but it’s not sad news for WWE and WWE fans because she is now moving on Friday Night Smackdown. We will see her on blue brand. She will serve her contribution on Smackdown.

If you don’t know about Jessika Carr, then you should know that she is the first women referee of Modern Wrestling Era. She also wrestled in Maryland Championship wrestling under the name of Jessica Kaye and Kennadi Brink.

She trained at Duane Gill’s Academy of Professional Wrestling in Severn, MD.

We saw a nice farewell of her. People of NXT gave a nice farewell to Jessika Carr. We heard the chants of “You Deserve It” and “Thank You Jess“.

We heard the farewell speech by the Jessika Carr. She said that she is the first WWE women official


She said about her journey that she sacrificed so much, and many hurdles came in the way of her’s journey. She said that when she performed in her first match as a referee, then a guy said to her that “You are the worst referee, and you should quit this business“, but I never listened him, and move further. 

Then, she said thank to the NXT’s referee team “Zebras”, and in the end she said- “We are NXT

Images and Video Credit: WWE.

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