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Today we are going to tell you about the biggest news of 2019 of “Pro Wrestling” which is that Roman Reigns return on Raw.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is absolutely true that Roman reigns is going to return on Raw on next week’s RAW.

As we know that Roman Reigns is suffering from Leukemia. This is the reason that he left the WWE.

But today, WWE officially announced that Roman is going to appear on next week’s “Monday Night RAW“.

When this news came, a happiness spread all over the world. Because everyone wants to see “Roman On Ring“.

So we are going to tell you about, for what reason Roman is coming on RAW, and what will be his future role in WWE?

I think you all are very excited to read our article. So without taking much time, let’s look on the article.


 Roman Reigns- Credit to WWE

Today Mr. Vince McMahon announced this mega news on his Twitter account.

He wrote that Roman Reigns is coming on next Monday Night RAW to announce the status of his battle against Leukemia.

After this post, this post got viral on Internet.

A happiness came on everyone’s face.

Every superstars showed their happiness by tweeting that we are waiting for our locker running superstar.


Roman Reigns- Credit to WWE

After this news, you all will be thinking that- Is Roman going to wrestle at Wrestle Mania 35?

I think, we are going to see his role on Wrestle Mania. Why I’m saying this?

As we are continuously looking that after leaving of WWE by Roman Reigns, WWE’s conditions going in a pathetic manner.

WWE are facing losses in the terms of viewership. Due to this, this year Wrestle Mania would go flop.

Why WWE played this move?

We all were expecting that WWE may give us shock on Wrestle Mania by bringing him.

But they called him so early before Wrestle Mania.

Why they spoiled this news? I’m very sure because they want to bring huge number of crowd on Wrestle Mania 35.

They want to make a perfect story line for Wrestle Mania.

Now WWE are going to get huge number of viewership. I assure you that next RAW is going to bring lots of happiness for WWE.


Shield- Credit to WWE

If Roman is fit for wrestling, or would be available for wrestling? Then definitely we are going to see him at Wrestle Mania 35.

According to the rumors, he has almost recovered from Leukemia. So two scenario open for him.
One is to join the Braun Strowman’s team to fight against Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre.

Dean Ambrose may be the third person.

Second scenario is that we may see the shield reunion on Wrestle Mania 35 in the match of Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar.

Shield will play a major role in Wrestle Mania 35.

I think, if WWE is planning for Rollins’s win at Wrestle Mania, then Roman and Dean is going to play the major role in Wrestle Mania.

So, this is all about our today’s article i.e. Roman Reigns return on RAW.

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