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Welcome to the Wrestling Battle.

Friends! We all know that WWE Smackdown will move on Fox Network from October 4, 2019.

WWE is going to create an another history. As we know that both Raw and Smackdown is telecasting on USA network. But next week on Friday Night, Smackdown will go on FOX Network.

This is going to be a debut episode of Smackdown Live on Fox Network. Everywhere is getting discussion of this episode. Definitely, WWE want to make this episode a big show.

For that, they have advertised many legends for this episode, like Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Sting, Rick Flair, Triple H, Mark Henry, Big Show, John Cena, etc.

But in this article, we will tell you about 5 possible segments that may happen on the debut show of Smackdown Live on Fox Network. This is going to be a very interesting article, please read this till the end.

So, without wasting the further time, let’s go into the main content.


Smackdown on Fox.

Well, if there is a big show, then definitely legends will come. Without past superstars, show will not hit.

Whenever WWE organise any big events, then definitely they brings former superstars of WWE, whether it was Raw Reunion, Smackdown’s 1000th episode, and 25th Anniversary of Raw, etc.

WWE has already booked many legends for this episode. We mentioned some of the names in above.

But the major issue of WWE with legends is that, they do not book all legends in a proper way.

At Raw Reunion, and Raw 25th Anniversary, we saw that many legends came on that show, but most of them were appeared in the backstage only. Some legends were added in some segments, but many one were left. We only got to see an appearance of them.

So, if WWE is planning big for this show, then they will try to use many legends’s role as many as possible.

Possibly show will open by these legends, and they will address about Smackdown.

They will tell about Smackdown’s history, their memorable moments on Smackdown, their achievements, etc.


Smackdown on Fox.

As we know that many legends are coming on this show. In this list, Goldberg is also include.

So, we may see an individual segment of Goldberg.

But question is that- How WWE will book him on that night? because Goldberg is one of the greatest superstar in WWE, so definitely WWE will try to book him in a big segment.

We have a story line that we think that WWE will book this segment like that, are as follows:-

Things will happen like this, that Roman Reigns will come on the ring, and after sometimes, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan will interrupt him, and then they will attack on Roman Reigns.

Because of two members, Roman Reigns will be beaten by the Luke Harper and Eric Rowan.

But then, we will see the return of Goldberg, and then both Goldberg and Roman Reigns will destroy the both Luke Harper and Eric Rowan.

Due to this, we will see both Roman Reigns and Goldberg on the same ring.


Smackdown on Fox.

From 2-3 months, Undertaker vs Sting is in discussion so much. Few months ago, WWE posted a photo on Instagram, and from then, rumors is spreading everywhere that- Undertaker vs Sting is happening very soon.

Sting vs Undertaker very soon in WWE.

I think you know that- Sting vs Undertaker never happened in WWE. This dream match still to be happen in WWE. We are waiting for this match from so many years.

We don’t know- Why WWE didn’t book this match? but it’s looking that we are going to see this match very soon in WWE.

If we think about both Sting and Undertaker, then both superstars is in the end time of own Wrestling Profession carrier. So, this is perfect time to make this match.

Even Sting also have told that he wants to do one fight against Undertaker before leaving Wrestling Profession for forever.

We think next week would be the best time to start of this feud.

Things will happen like this, that Undertaker will come on ring, and he would tell about Smackdown, his experience on Smackdown, his achievements, etc. But suddenly, Sting will interrupt him, and then we will see a faceoff between Sting and Undertaker.

Well, WWE is going to organize an another pay-per-view at Saudi Arabia on October 31st.

We all know that WWE books biggest matches for Saudi Arabia, in last event we saw a match in between Goldberg and Undertaker.

This time we may see an another dream match which will happen in between Undertaker and Sting.

So, there is a great chance of happening of confrontation in between Undertaker and Sting on next week.


Smackdown on Fox.

We all know that next week on Smackdown, we will see a match in between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

If we look toward on Kofi Kingston, then Kofi Kingston is performing very well from Wrestle Mania 35.

He is successfully retaining his WWE Championship from Wrestle Mania 35.

While on the other side, Brock Lesnar is one of the powerful wrestlers in the WWE.

He have defeated many greatest wrestlers, like he broke the Undertaker’s Wrestle Mania streak, he defeated the Icon Goldberg, etc.

But if we look on the title reign of Kofi Kingston, then it is not going very well. Except the feud in between him and Randy Orton, every feud was just an average.

So, on next week we may see a title change.

Brock Lesnar will defeat Kofi Kingston in the night of Smackdown premiere on Fox.

He will become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the world.

 After this victory, Smackdown will get a powerful representative for his show.


Smackdown on Fox.

If we say frankly about the match of Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, then anyone can say that who is going to win this match.

Brock Lesnar is one of the toughest wrestler to beat in WWE, and if we compare Brock Lesnar with Kofi Kingston, then Brock Lesnar is more superior than Kofi Kingston.

The strength and physique of Brock Lesnar is far superior than Kofi Kingston.

But, question is that-Whatever we are thinking about this match’s result, is it going to happen like that?

The equation is looking so easy. This match’s result is predictable.

We don’t think that Vince McMahon will let go things, like that.

Definitely, we will see some interesting angle inside this match.

Our prediction says that, we will see someone’s interference inside this match, and that person will be Bobby Lashley.

Last month, Bobby Lashley did a tweet.

Inside that tweet he gave a warning to Brock Lesnar, that when you will finished your chapter with Seth Rollins, I will be the next one, you are going to face.

Unfortunately, injury happened with Bobby Lashley, and he went for surgery.

But news is that he is fully ready for comeback.

So, when Brock Lesnar will very close to defeat Kofi Kingston on next week, then suddenly Bobby Lashley will come on ring, and he will brutally attack on Brock Lesnar.

With this attack, we will get to see a feud in between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.


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