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Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This time we will tell you about Undertaker’s opponent for Wrestle Mania 36.

Friends! When we hear the name of Wrestle Mania, the first person comes in our mind which is “The Undertaker“. Friends! Undertaker is a legend of WWE, and Wrestle Mania is the legacy of Undertaker.

Wrestle Mania is the second home for Undertaker. Very few times in his carrier that, he missed the Wrestle Mania. Wrestle Mania 35 was one of them. Following will show you that- Whenever Undertaker didn’t fight in Wrestle Mania:-

  • WRESTLE MANIA XMadison Square Garden, New York, United States (March 20, 1994)
  • WRESTLE MANIA XVIHonda Center, Anaheim, California, United States (April 2, 2000)
  • WRESTLE MANIA XXXV MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey (April 7, 2019)

But rumors is that- He will be available for next year’s Wrestle Mania which will happen at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, United States on April 5, 2020.

We have list of Top 4 opponents which is looking that he will face Undertaker at Wrestle Mania 36.

We have perfect reasons about all 4 matches. So, please read this article till the end. After reading this article, you will understand the all scenario. So, without wasting the further time, let’s start the article.


Drew McIntyre vs Undertaker Wrestle Mania 36

Drew McIntyre is one of the great talent in WWE right now. Since he comebacked in WWE, he become one of the top guy of main roster.

We already know Drew McIntyre. He was the part of 3MB, but that time he was just a jobber. He was getting small roles in WWE. But now, if we look the overall development of Drew McIntyre, which is so incredible.

He is looking giant, his physique is superb. He has full capability to lead the WWE.

But, the main question is that- How Undertaker will face Drew McIntyre at Wrestle Mania 36???

We don’t know that, you know about that, few months ago, a question was asked from the Undertaker that- From whom you will love to fight at Wrestle Mania 36?

Then, Undertaker replied on that- If we look on the current roster, then some of the guy is doing superb performance right now, like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, few more.

But at the end, he said that at Wrestle Mania, I would love to do fight against Drew McIntyre.

At Extreme Rules 2019, we saw a battle between Undertaker and Drew McIntyre, but that was a tag team match.

Undertaker teamed up with Roman Reigns against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon at Extreme Rules 2019.

If WWE is planning for Undertaker vs Drew McIntyre, then things will happen like this, follows:-

After the Royal Rumble or Fastlane 2020, Undertaker will give own appearance on Raw, and then Drew McIntyre will interrupt him, like Roman Reigns did in 2013.

Then we will get to see a rivalry in between Drew McIntyre and Undertaker, and finally we will get to see this match at Wrestle Mania 36.

This will be a awesome match, if this happen at Wrestle Mania 36. We are going to see many ups and downs in this match.


Sting vs Undertaker Wrestle Mania 36

From 2-3 months, Undertaker vs Sting is in discussion so much. Few months ago, WWE posted a photo on Instagram, and from then, rumors is spreading everywhere that- Undertaker vs Sting is happening very soon.

Sting vs Undertaker very soon in WWE.

I think you know that- Sting vs Undertaker never happened in WWE. This dream match still to be happen in WWE. We are waiting for this match from so many years.

We don’t know- Why WWE didn’t book this match? but it’s looking that we are going to see this match very soon in WWE.

If we think about both Sting and Undertaker, then both superstars is in the end time of own Wrestling Profession carrier. So, this is perfect time to make this match.

Even Sting also have told that he wants to do one fight against Undertaker before leaving Wrestling Profession for forever.

Current rumors is saying that we may see this fight at Survivor Series or Crown Jewel (Saudi Arabia) of this year.

But if this fight will not happen at Survivor Series, then definitely Wrestle Mania 36 is the perfect place to making this match.

If this match happen at Wrestle Mania 36, then this will happen First Time In WWE that Sting will face Undertaker.

This will be a very entertaining match between two Icon of WWE.


Fiend vs Undertaker Wrestle Mania 36

When we hear Undertaker vs Fiend, goosebumps will come out in our body.

If we look on Fiend, then he is the current fear’s name in WWE. He come out as the new fear in WWE. Everyone is scaring from Fiend. Fiend is the current hot discussion in WWE, and outside the WWE.

On the other side, Undertaker is the permanent fear of WWE. He is scaring everyone from 35 years in WWE.

But reality is that, this the end time of Undertaker is going on in the WWE. He may leave WWE very soon.

Fiend is playing the same role as Undertaker was playing in his peak time.

This is the perfect time to pass the torch in the hands of an another person.

Fiend will be the right person to do this. Fiend will lead the legacy of Undertaker very perfectly. He will be the next fear in WWE.

So, at Wrestle Mania 36, we may see a match in between Fiend vs Undertaker.

We are saying to you that this will be a very interesting and entertaining match at Wrestle Mania 36, if this will happen.

Whatever be the result, but this will be the most discussing match at the night of Wrestle Mania 36.


John Cena vs Undertaker Wrestle Mania 36

At Wrestle Mania 34, we saw a match in between John Cena vs Undertaker. Undertaker defeated John Cena very easily in this match.

This was a one sided match. Undertaker dominated on John Cena in whole match.

But rumors is saying that at Wrestle Mania 36 we will see the rematch in between John Cena and Undertaker.

As we all know that, this is going the end time of Undertaker in the WWE. He may retire anytime from wrestling.

So, this will be a “Carrier vs Carrier” match at Wrestle Mania 36.

This match will bring two things, are as follows:-

  • Undertaker will receive a perfect ending of his carrier. Definitely, Undertaker would lose this match, but he will lose against an another legend of WWE. He will get a perfect farewell match.
  • After defeated from Undertaker, definitely some anguish will be in the heart of John Cena. Definitely, he would want a rematch against Undertaker, and he will want to defeat Undertaker. If this will a “Carrier vs Carrier” match, then definitely John Cena will win this match, and after defeating Undertaker, his revenge will complete.

So, this will be a very entertaining match because both superstars’s carrier will be on the line. May be this will be the last match of Undertaker in WWE’s ring.


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