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Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. We have some breaking news regarding WrestleMania 36. News is that WrestleMania 36 has been moved to WWE Performance Center due to Covid-19 Corona Virus. Now WrestleMania 36 will happen inside WWE Performance Center in an empty Arena.  

We know that last week NXT and Smackdown show took place at WWE Performance Center in an empty Arena. Even tonight show WWE Monday Night Raw is also performing at WWE Performance Center.

But the current news is that WWE officially announced that WrestleMania 36 will take place at WWE Performance Center in an empty arena.

It is very commendable that WWE is doing their shows where everyone is fearing from Corona Virus. 

Two days ago, an official notice came from USA government that all events has been canceled where the people will gather above 10. Due to this many events called off like NBA, NFL, UFC, etc. 

We know that WWE and AEW provides weekly content. But they are providing their content inside empty arena because USA Government clearly said that social gathering including more than 10 people is prohibited.  


So here the question arise that Why WWE organizing WrestleMania 36 at Performing Center? Why they didn’t postponed or called off. WrestleMania 36 is not happening inside Tampa because City of Tampa is not allowing to this. We know that probably 60,000-80,000 people came to see this event from all over the world. But we know that USA government do not allowing even 10 people’s gathering at a place.

WWE didn’t postponed WrestleMania 36 because they know that their schedule is always busy. They very much much know that they can’t organize WrestleMania in an another month. Even no one knows that when this pandemic(of Corona Virus) will end. 

Don’t think that WWE is organizing this event because of money. Obviously we know that how WrestleMania is big for WWE. They earned huge amount of money from WrestleMania. But they are organizing WrestleMania 2020 because of PR. We know that when 9/11 happened then after two days WWE organized Smackdown where Vince McMahon gave a commendable baby face promo. 

After all the sporting events canceled(like NFL, NBA, UFC, etc.), definitely people will have to see WrestleMania. This will be the good solution by the WWE. We don’t know that how WWE is going to do this because some people lives at NewYork, some at Philadelphia, some at Chicago, etc. and according to the news even travelling is also canceled due to this pandemic. Even lot of things possibly came from the government, so definitely it is going to be very difficult for WWE.

We don’t know how WWE will make this happen? but it is very commendable thing from the WWE that somehow they are organizing this event. We think that WWE should use the stuffs like virtual reality or augmented reality to utilize the empty arena.

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