Wrestlemania 36 date


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. The biggest pay-per-view of WWE which is wrestlemania is coming very soon. 

This is the event where every WWE’s superstars want to be member. Wrestlemania is the dream event of every WWE superstar. 

Wrestlemania great matches. Undertaker vs Shawn Micheal.

Why we are saying that wrestlemania is the biggest pay-per-view of WWE because we get to see dream matches here. We see great legends here. Whole world’s eye is on this pay-per-view. 

This is something like the big fair of wrestling. Wrestlemania is the only event where WWE earn huge amount of money. If we talk in terms of ranking of WWE’s pay-per-view, then Wrestlemania comes at number 1.

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker Wrestlemania.

If we talk about this year’s wrestlemania, then WWE already planned some big matches, like Edge vs Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar.

Apart from this, WWE is planning to bring legends for this pay-per-view, like John Cena, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc.


This year Wrestlemania is going to happen on 5th April 2020.


Wrestlemania 36 is going to happen at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, United States.

Wrestlemania 36 location.

So this is all about from this article. Our focus was to inform you about Wrestlemania 36 date and location. I hope you will like these matches. Share your thoughts with us. 

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