WWE Monday Night Raw 8th June 2020 Highlights and Results

WWE Monday Night Raw 8th June 2020 Highlights and Results

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is the WWE Monday Night Raw 8th June 2020 highlights and results article. This was the go-home show for WWE upcoming pay-per-view i.e. Backlash 2020. 

This is the complete results’s article, so read it till the end.  

Asuka kicked-off today’s WWE Monday Night Raw

Asuka makes her presence. She came to fight against Charlotte Flair, but WWE Women tag team champions Sasha Banks and Bayley interrupted Asuka.

Asuka said to them that this is her ring, the Bayley replied that Yes! that’s true, but Women’s tag team champions can float anywhere. 

Then Charlotte Flair interrupted everyone. 

After some argument, then we watched the interference of The IIconics.

IIconic announced that at Backlash 2020, we are going to take Women’s tag team titles in a triple threat match(including Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss).

Then we saw a triple threat women’s tag team match. It was a nice match, and in the end, Charlotte was trying to deliver a moonsault on Billie Kay from top of the ring, but Asuka took the tag from Charlotte Flair, and applied Asuka lock on Bille Kay. Billie Kay tapped out. 

Winner: Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Post-match, Charlotte Flair did a shoulder attack on Asuka. 

2. Seth Rollins’s invitation to Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

Next we watched that Seth Rollins joined the commentary table, and said that Rey Mysterio is spreading a wrong thing to everyone.

So, I’m inviting him and his son for new week on Raw that his sacrifice is for good cause. 

Meanwhile out a no-where, Aleister Black attacked on Seth Rollins. 

3. Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory vs Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Next we saw a tag team match which happened in between Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo vs Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory. 

It was a nice match. Wrestling was very good in this match. 

In the end, team Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo won the match. But just after the ending of match, Rey Mysterio’s music hit. It was trap by the Seth Rollins, it was Seth Rollins who wore Rey Mysterio’s mask. 

Meanwhile Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory started attack on both Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo, and in the end, Seth Rollins delivered a stomp on Aleister Black. 

4. Randy Orton Backstage Interview

Next we saw a backstage interview of Randy Orton. He says the only question in his mind is whether Edge is going to be the only guest on the
Peep Show tonight.

He confirms that that is next and asks Charly Caruso to keep it quiet, but he thinks it’s quite possible there might be two guests on the show.

5. WWE Monday Night Raw: Christian returned with Peep Show

Christian makes his entrance, the Peep Show begins.

Christian called Edge to come on ring, and Edge entered into ring. 

Christian said that he doesn’t think Edge could have the greatest match ever even in his prime.

If Edge thinks he can live up to that, he’s lying to himself, he’s starting to buckle and he doesn’t think he can handle the pressure.

Christian stands up and gets in his face and tells him all he’s hearing is excuses. Did he think he was just gonna come back and give the greatest hits? What happened? Where’s the belief?

Edge stares him in the eyes and a grin plays across Christian’s face. Christian says that’s what he was looking for and he believes in him. He’s as good as he’s ever been and he can have the greatest wrestling match ever.

Randy Orton interrupts on the titantron and asks them to shut the hell up.

He says on Sunday, the redemption of Edge will be over, and Edge replies that it will not be.

6. Bobby Lashley attacked on R-Truth

Next we saw that MVP was giving an interview at Backstage. He was talking about Bobby Lashley’s Full Nelson submission lock that it is very dangerous. But suddenly we heard some noise, and it was 24/7 champion R-Truth. 

R-Truth started saying to MVP that he got 24/7 championship again, and he defeated Rob Gronkowski. Meanwhile Bobby Lashley came from behind, and applied Full Nelson submission lock to R-Truth.  

7. WWE Monday Night raw: Scores are Level

Next we saw some other competition in between Viking Raiders and Street Profits, and final result was tied. Score is 5-5. 

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