Booker T confirmed for Royal Rumble 2020


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Yes friends! You are reading absolutely right. Booker T may do his own in ring return in WWE. Why we are saying this because recently Booker T said that he is bringing his body in wrestling shape, because he has some plan for Royal Rumble 2020.

WWE Booker T Recent Body Shape.
WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Return?

If we see the current age of Booker T then he is of 54 right now, and many wrestler has done wrestling in this age. Recently Booker T revealed his photo in which his body was looking very perfect shape in terms of wrestling.


There is many chances of his return in Royal Rumble 2020 because this year’s Royal Rumble his going to happen at Texas which is the hometown of Booker T

Storyline will be something like that he will return in Royal Rumble 2020 where he will collide with Revival because it is rumors that WWE have some plan for Booker T. Actually WWE is planning for Harlem Heat vs Revival for Wrestle Mania 36.

WWE is planning for Harlem Heat vs Revival at Wrestle Mania 36.

If you are not aware from Harlem Heat then Harlem Heat was the old tag team of WWE. Their members were Booker T and Stevie Ray. They also included in WWE Hall of Fame’s Class in 2019

WWE HArlem Heat. Stevie Ray and Booker T.

Otherwise also Booker have said that if WWE will not call him upto next 48 hours, then he will not come for Royal Rumble match. So if WWE is thinking for this storyline, then definitely it will start from Royal Rumble 2020, and it will go to Wrestle Mania 36. It will be a good thing for Revival too because from many months they are not including in good storylines. That’s why they want to leave from WWE company. 

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