WWE Rumors: Crown Jewel Matches Highlights, Brock Is New Universal Champion

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. We are going to tell you about Crown Jewel matches highlights. Friends! What a pay-per-view it was. We saw many shocking things in this pay-per-view. We got our first ever World Cup winner. Raw also got its new universal champion. Also we saw a blockbuster match between the four legends. Hulk Hogan returned! We saw some unexpected winners in the Crown Jewel. So basically, I’m going to tell you about Crown Jewel Matches Highlights, and all unexpected things. I know, you will be very excited for know about Crown Jewel highlights. So, without time wasting, let’s take a look on our article.

Crown Jewel Matches Highlights: Nakamura Defeated The Rusev

This was the opening match of Crown Jewel. This was for United States championship. Shinsuke Nakamura defeated the Rusev by his finisher ‘Kinshasa’, and retain his US title.

Hulk Hogan Returned, Addressed To The Saudi Arabia Crowd

Next, we saw the Hulk Hogan’s Return. He was the host of this epic pay-per-view. He addressed to the crowd that, he is very happy to coming back again in WWE. Crowd also given him a great response.

World Cup Tournament Match 1: Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

Next, we saw a match between two great performer. Friends! Rey Mysterio defeated Randy Orton by roll up, and qualified for the semi-finale. But, after the match Randy attacked brutally on Rey Mysterio.

World Cup Tournament Match 2: Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz

This was just an average match. Miz defeated Jeff Hardy by hitted his finisher move ‘Skull Crushing Finale’.

World Cup Tournament Match 3: Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley

Then, we saw a match between architect Seth Rollins vs. the destroyer Bobby Lashley. Seth Rollins defeated the Lashley by hitted Curbstomb on Bobby Lashley.

World Cup Tournament Match 4: Curt Angel vs. Dolph Ziggler

Then, we saw a match between Curt Angel vs. Dolph Ziggler. Dolph defeated the Curt Angel by his finisher move ‘Zig-Zag’.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: New Day vs. Bar(c)

Next, we saw a match for SmackDown Tag team championship. This was in between New Day vs. the champions Bar. It was looking that, New Day would win the match. But, somehow Big Show successed to hit the ‘Knock Out Punch’ on Big E. Due to this, Bar successed to defeat New Day, and successed to retain their title.

World Cup Tournament Semi Finale 1: Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

In semi finale 1, we saw a match between two SmackDown superstars i.e. Miz vs. Rey Mysterio. Miz somehow successfully defeated Rey Mysterio by roll up. This means that, Miz qualified for the World Cup’s finale.

World Cup Tournament Semi Finale 2: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was the very good match. Both superstars did a great performance. But at the end, Dolph Ziggler defeated the Seth Rollins by distraction.

Crown Jewel Matches Highlights: WWE Championship– Aj Style(c) vs. Samoa Joe

Then, we saw a match between champion Aj Styles vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE championship. Like everytime, Aj Styles defeated The Samoa Joe, and retai his title successfully.

World Cup Tournament Finale: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

Next, we saw the finale of World Cup tournament. This was in between Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler. Friends! We saw some unexpected things in this match. After some time of match starting, Miz got injured, and due to this he denied to do fight. Because of this injury, Shane replaced the Miz, and friends! What we saw, was full of unthoughtful. Shane defeated the Dolph Ziggler by ‘Coast-To-Coast’ move, and won the world cup title. Really, this was the very shocking scenario.

Main Event: D-X-Generation vs. Brothers Of Destruction

This was the match that everyone was waiting for, because this was the returned match of Shawn Micheal after the retitrement. Everyone was thinking that, how would be the Shawn’s performance after 8 years?. But, friends! Shawn fought very well. It was the blockbuster fight between Brothers Of Destruction vs. D-X-Geneartion. But at the end, Shawn hitted ‘Sweet Chin Music’ on the face of Kane, and then Triple H hitted Pedigree. Due to this continuous finishers, DX defeated the Brothers Of Destruction.  But, after the match Triple H was looking injured, and he requires a surgery.

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