WWE Rumors: Huge WWE Superstars Return In 2019 Big Plans

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Today, we are going to tell you about on huge WWE superstars return in 2019. As we know that, one of the greatest pay-per-view of WWE in coming very soon, and i.e. Royal Rumble and Wrestle Mania XXXV. WWE earns lot of money from these two pay-per-view. To make these pay-per-view more bigger, WWE call out great superstars every year, and next year they are doing this again.

It was rumoring that next year Roman Reigns is going to do the main event of the Wrestle Mania. But due to Leukemia disease, he went from the WWE for the long time. Due to this, a great loss happened of WWE. Royal Rumble and Wrestle Mania is a greatest pay-per-view in WWE. To maintain its reputation, definitely WWE is going to make some biggest matches, and for this some of the greatest superstars is going to return next year.

I know, you will be very excited for know about, who is going to return next year in 2019?. So, without time wasting, let’s take a look on our article, and get all the possible rumors of the WWE superstars return in 2019.

WWE Superstars Return: People Champ “The Rock”

One of the favourite and possible rumors is that the Rock is going to return either on Royal Rumble or Wrestle Mania 35. Everyone is waiting for this electrifying superstar. People wants to see “people’s champion” on the ring. As, we know that, Roman Reigns went from the WWE for the long time, then its possibilities gets more increase. If this happen, definitely Rock is going to do the main event of the Wrestle Mania. But, rumors is also that, he may be come on the 30 Men royal Rumble match, and may be win this match.

It is also rumoring that, Vince Macmahon trying to bring both Cena and Rock for the match at Wrestle Mania XXXV. If this happen, then we are going to see Cena vs. Rock one more time, and this is “Best For Business”. So, let’s wait for this greatest return.

WWE Superstars Return: The Animal “BATISTA”

Last time, we saw the Batista at the SmackDown 1000 episode. He was looking in the good wrestling shape. Batista is one of the greatest name in the WWE company. On SmackDown 1000 episode, Batista teased for a match. It is looking that Batista is going to do fight at Wrestle Mania XXXV. His opponent may be the Triple H for this match, because he always wants to fight with Triple H at Wrestle Mania.

Bill Goldberg may return next year for a match at Wrestle Mania

We saw Bill Goldberg at two years ago at Wrestle Mania 33. He fought against the Brock Lesner at Wrestle Mania. That match was for universal championship, where Brock Lesner defeated him, and became the new universal champion. Since then, he never come on the WWE. But on his last interview, he showed some signs for return in the WWE. He told that, last time he came in WWE because his son wanted to see his father to fight on the WWE ring. I did that, and I fought. But, now my son wants again that wish, and I always fulfill my son’s dream. This means that, he may be return on WWE ring next year. Let’s see who will be his opponent? if this happen so.

WWE Superstars Return: Sami Zayn

Last time we saw Sami Zayn on the WWE ring to fight against Bobby Lashley. He lost that match. After that, his shoulder got injured. He told to the WWE that, he is going for surgery of his right shoulders. Then, he went for his left shoulder’s injury for long time. Now, he is looking for a fight, and for this, Royal Rumble or WrestleMania is the golden place. So, let’s see that, when WWE bring him on WWE ring?

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