WWE Rumors: John Cena’s Rumors Future Plans Big Return

Welcome to the WWE world. Today, we are going to tell you about the John Cena’s rumors in WWE. WWE fans are waiting to see John Cena in WWE ring. People are eager to know what’s next for Cena? Everyone wants to see a big return of John Cena in WWE. People specially wants to see a long fude of Cena with any WWE superstars.

John Cena’s Rumors, Reason behind the short match, WWE Rumors  

Last time, we saw him to teamed-up with Bobby Lashley to fight against the team of Kevin Owens and Elias in a match at Super-Show-Down. It was a very short match. Cena fighted for few minutes, and finished the match by his new finishing move i.e. Sixth Move of Doom and won the match.

The reason behind to finish the match very shortly is that currently Cena signed up for some movies contract, and now, he is very busy in shooting. If this fight went to long time then, could be some injuries happened with Cena , and production team don’t wanted that because many money spent on John Cena. But WWE wanted that, in Super-Show-Down many people came. That’s why they booked Cena because Cena is a big brand in WWE and he helps WWE to ticket selling very much.

John Cena’s Rumors: Crown Jewel Update

 As, we know John Cena is going to compete in the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel which is going to held at Saudi Arabia. But, as rumors is this, Cena will be not fight to long time, and might be out of the tournament as early.

What’s next for Mr. Hustle Loyalty Respect?

As we know, after the Crown Jewel, the next pay-per-view is coming, which is the Survivor Series. This is one of the biggest pay-per-view of WWE and they will try to bring John Cena again for a fight. Now, many of John Cena’s Rumors are coming. So, we are going to tell you every possible John Cena’s rumors related to WWE.

Here, all of John Cena’s rumors are as following:-

John Cena will join either Raw or SmackDown

Still, it is not confirmed that what will be the theme of the Survivor Series for this year. If Vince McMahon wants that, the theme should be the brand vs. brand, then this will happen definitely.

Last year, we saw John Cena in Survivor Series with SmackDown brand. Really, it was the not good booking by the WWE of John Cena. Cena outed of that match very early.

If this year, the theme would be brand vs. brand, then, we would see John Cena, to join with, either Raw or SmackDown and he is going to play a key role in this year.

But, I think John Cena’s first priority would be Smackdown.

But, let see what will be the best for business.

Roman Reigns vs. John Cena rematch at Survivor Series for Universal Title

 Roman Reigns vs. John Cena. WoW! What a match, this was. This match probably planned for this year at Wrestle Mania, but this happened at last year pay-per-view No Mercy. This match happened for, to lift the Roman Reingns. But, this plan failed. Rather than cheers, Roman started to get boos. After this, American crowd started to hate the Roman Reigns.

Survivor Series is one of the biggest pay-per-view for WWE. So, it’s natural that WWE will be make this event more bigger. For that, they have to book biggest matches.

So, one of the John Cena’s rumors is that for WWE Universal title match. This will be the rematch between Cena vs. Reigns and who knows that, Cena will win this time, and will become the universal champion for the first time.

But, this is rumors, not confirmed. We have to wait of the Mr. Vince McMahon decision, because for Survivor Series, still one month left.

John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley, Face vs. Heal, Never Give Up vs. The Destroyer

 One of the also John Cena’s rumors for this match. Many times, we saw that whenever WWE, wants to lift any superstar, most of the time they brings John Cena and booked match against John Cena. This is because John Cena is a top guy in WWE, and if someone defeat him, then definitely, he gets a great momentum. Since ever, the bobby Lashley came to the WWE, except one or two times, creative team not booked Bobby Lashley wisely.

This is one of the match that WWE universe wants to see. This will be going a great match, if this will be happen.

If this match happen, then definitely, this match will be for to lift the Bobby Lashley, and for that, John Cena may be lose this match. But, this will be not going a easy one for Lashley.

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