WWE Rumors: Major Plans Has Changed Due To Roman’s Cancer

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Today, we are going to tell you that, what’s plans has changed due to Roman’s Cancer. This week on ‘Monday Night Raw’ we saw Roman Reigns appearance on WWE ring. He told that, he is suffering from ‘Leukemia’ which is a type of ‘Blood Cancer’. After this announcement everyone get shocked. He also told that, he diagnosed with this at the age of 21, and he defeated that very quickly. But, it come back again, and due to this he is going to leave the WWE.

After this big announcement, WWE has to force to change their plans. We saw some of the shocking things on last Raw which was not expectable. Now, we are going to see some new things in WWE after the Roman’s went off from Raw.

So, basically we are going to tell you about all plans that has changed due to Roman’s cancer. I know, you will be very excited for know about these changes. So, without time wasting, let’s take a look on our article.

The Shield’s Break Up Wasn’t Supposed To Happen This Week

This was the first plan has changed due to Roman’s cancer. WWE had already planned that Dean will turned heel in the “Survivor Series.” Bryan Albrus of the wrestling observer confirmed that “He wasn’t even supposed to turn heel last night. The actual plan was that he was going to turn around Survivor Series and they move it up and they specifically did it to capitalize on the emotions of a guy who’s home to fight for his life.”

After the Roman’s cancer announcement people thought that now, Shield will remain together with each other, and Dean would not turned heel. This also confirmed after they won the Raw Tag Team Championship. But then, a shocking moment came. Dean attacked on Seth Rollins, and he did attack very brutaly. Actually, this attack’s plan was made on the same night, because WWE thought that, this is the right time to turned heel of Ambrose.

Plans Has Changed  Due To Roman’s Cancer: Wrestle Mania 35 Plan Has Changed

Initially the plan was that, main event of the Wrestle Mania 35 would be done by the all Shield member for the universal championship. But now this plan has been failed due to Roman’s cancer. Now, WWE looking for their last year’s plan. They planned last year that, Rollins vs. Dean at Wrestle Mania 34. But, due to Dean’s shoulder injury, this could not happen. After the attack by the Dean on Seth Rollins, picture is clearly showing that WWE is going to make this happen.

Rollins Or Dean Will Become Universal Champion Before Wrestle Mania

This will be the third plan has change due to Roman’s cancer. Bryan Albrus also said that, these both superstar not only going to battle against each other at Wrestle Mania 35, but one may be become universal champion before Wrestle mania 35. He mention that “I believe 100% that the WrestleMania main event is Seth Rollins challenging Dean Ambrose for the WWE title. Now how you get there, I have no idea.”

So, things may be happen like this that, either Dean or Rollins will become universal champion at Royal Rumble, and other will win the 30 men Royal Rumble match. Then, the superstar who will win the 30 men Royal Rumble match will challenge for the universal title at the grandest stage of all i.e. Wrestle Mania.

Plans Has Changed  Due To Roman’s Cancer: WWE forced To Make New Universal Champion At crown Jewel

After the cancer announcement, Roman relinquished the universal title. Now, match has been setted between the Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar for the vacant universal championship. Initially, plan was that Roman will retain his title, but now WWE has to forced to make a new universal champion at Crown Jewel. It is looking that Braun Strowman is going to become the new universal champion, because rumor is that, after the Crown Jewel’s match Brock will go at UFC.

Dean’s Attacked On Seth Because To Balance The Raw Roster

In between last two weeks we saw two baby face turn superstar i.e. Elias and Braun Strowman. After winning the match against Apollo Crews, Elias wanted to play his guitar, but Baron Corbin abrupt him rudely, and told that it’s not your time to play the guitar, and just leaved the arena immediately. Elias went, but then he came back, and hitted his guitar on the back of Corbin. This means, he turned as a baby face superstar. Braun Strowman turned into the baby face superstar when he attacked on Dolph Ziggler on Raw two weeks ago, and now, he is doing fued against Drew McIntyre.

This made more baby face superstar in Raw Roster. So, to balance the Raw roster WWE decided to do this. It was confusing in the mind of WWE that, which superstar could draw more ratings as a heel superstar?. Then, they went with Dean Ambrose because, no one was thinking that Dean Ambrose could turned into as a heel superstar after the shocking announcement by the Roman Reigns. Friends! This worked for WWE because it shocked the entire world. I think this is “Best For Buisness”.

Plans Has Changed Due To Roman’s Cancer: Rollins Will Be The New Face Of WWE

After the John Cena, WWE started to make Roman as a new face of WWE. For that, they spent on him lot of money, and took lot of risk. But after the shocking announcement by the Roman, all efforts made by the WWE on Roman got waste. So, it is seeming that Seth Rollins would be the new face of WWE because currently he is most overrated baby face in WWE roster.

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