WWE Rumors: Real Reason Dean’s Turned Heel Wrestle Mania 35 Plans

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Here, we are going to tell you about real reason of Dean’s turned heel, and why he broke the shield? On last Raw, we saw that after winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship, Dean Ambrose attacked on Seth Rollins, and made the world shocked. He attacked on Seth Rollins very brutally. It was the worst night for Shield, because at one side Roman announced that he is suffering from Leukemia, and other side Dean Ambrose attacked on his brother Seth Rollins, and broke the Shield. So, definitely a question is running on everyone’s mind that Why Dean attacked on Seth Rollins?

So, today we are going to tell the answer of all above questions, and also that the real reason of Dean’s turned heel. There are some of possibilities of making this by the WWE. So, we going to discuss all possibilities to you.

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Real Reason Dean’s Turned Heel: Dean vs. Seth At Wrestle Mania 35

This is the first possibilities of Dean’s turned heel that WWE is planning of Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins at Wrestle Mania 35. Although, this match was planned for last year for Wrestle Mania 34. In the interview, John Robinson, author of the book “CREATING THE MANIA”, and inside “how Wrestle Mania comes to life”, he revealed that, for Wrestle Mania 34, WWE had been planned of two matches. i.e. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose and Jason Jordan vs. Curt Angel.

But, due to injuries happened with both of them, WWE cancelled these plans. He mention that “There were a lot of matches in play that could have completely changed the card, and then you hear about injuries affecting things like Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose. They were also trying to do Kurt Angel vs. Jason Jordan, but then Jordan got injured.” Then Dean also got injured. So, WWE putted the Seth Rollins into the Intercontinental title’s picture against Finn Balor and the Miz in a triple threat match at Wrestle Mania 34. He won the match, and become the Intercontinental champion.

Then, we saw the most anticipated return of Dean Ambrose, and WWE reunited the Shield. But over the last few weeks, we was watching that Dean is not feeling good in Shied. He teased many times that he is not going to work as a Shield member. Then, he attacked on Seth Rollins on last Raw. So, it is looking very clear that, WWE is thinking for the same match as he thought for the Wrestle Mania 34.

Currently, Seth Rollins is one of the most over baby faced wrestler in WWE, and Dean is now playing one of the biggest heel’s role. Then it is perfect match between a face vs. heel superstar.

Real Reason Dean’s Turned Heel: Seth Rollins Going To Take Over Over Roman’s Spot?

We are moving on our next possibilities of Dean’s turned heel that Seth is going to take over the Roman Reigns’s spot. This week on Raw, we saw that Roman Reigns shockingly announced that he diagnosed from Leukemia 11 years ago. He defeated cancer very quickly, but now Leukemia came back. So, he drop his universal title, and now Braun Strowman and Brock is going to do fight against each other for the vacant universal title at Crown Jewel.

But, it is 100% true that, Whatever was the people’s reactions on Roman Reigns, whether they likes him or hate him. He was one of the toppest star in WWE, which had enough capability to the run the Raw by own. Now, he went from the WWE for the long time, so a major void has been become in WWE. So, I think it is a great choice by the WWE, to put the Seth Rollins in the main event picture.

Real Reason Dean’s Turned Heel: WWE Did This To Balance The Raw Roster

In between last two weeks we saw two baby face turn superstar i.e. Elias and Braun Strowman. After winning the match against Apollo Crews, Elias wanted to play his guitar. But, Baron Corbin abrupt him rudely, and told that it’s not your time to play the guitar. Elias went, but then he came back, and hitted his guitar on the back of Corbin. This means, he turned as a baby face superstar. Braun Strowman turned into the baby face superstar, when he attacked on Dolph Ziggler on Raw two weeks ago, and now, he is doing fued against Drew McIntyre.

This made more baby face superstar in Raw Roster. So, to balance the Raw roster WWE decided to do this. It was confusing in the mind of WWE that, which superstar could draw more ratings as a heel superstar?. Then, they went with Dean Ambrose because, no one was thinking that Dean Ambrose could turned into as a heel superstar after the shocking announcement by the Roman Reigns. Friends! This worked for WWE because it shocked the entire world. Friends! What are you thinking about that, What is the real reason of Dean Ambrose to turned into heel superstar?

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