UFC defeated WWE in viewership.


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Friends! We have some breaking news for you. If you are a fan of WWE, then it is a bad news for WWE.

News is that UFC defeated WWE for first time ever. But you may say that “How it is possible?” because both WWE and UFC are different fields. There should be no any competition in between WWE and UFC.


But friends, every company whether it is WWE, UFC, AEW or other wrestling company they all work for fans. Anything they bring something new in their company due to bringing more and more fans. They only want more and more viewership.   

But friends, there is a sad news for WWE. Actually UFC has defeated them in viewership. It happened for the first time in history when UFC defeated WWE in viewership.

According to Dave Meltzer that WWE lost to the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC). He mentioned that for the first time in history UFC beat WWE from more than 10,000 fans.

The following statement he said during Wrestling Observer Radio:

Dave Meltzer said that UFC beat WWE.
Dave Meltzer mentioned UFC beat WWE.


One of the major problem WWE is facing right now is that- Storyline. We don’t know what is going inside the mind of creative team of WWE, but reality is that whatever they are bringing is going flop.

If we talk about matches, then from many weeks we are watching one sided match. They are showing one wrestler strong, while the other wretler is looking weak. 

According to reports: Paul Heyman is the “master mind’ of these kinds of matches. The reason of making these types of matches that he want to show some superstar strong for the pay-per-view. 

If we accepts this story, then what about the live event and weekly show? It is difficult to watch Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown, and Live events because everyone want to see competition, and one sided matches never brings competition.  

Another problem they are facing is that- The way they are booking big superstars like AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, etc. WWE can do even better with these superstars. But currently whatever is going on, that’s all disgusting. 


Although we don’t need to say- What WWE needs to do? They are definitely thinking on this. But according to us, they need to improve their storylines. Bring some old superstars back in WWE (CM Punk, Jinder Mahal, Edge, etc), try to increase live attendance, etc.

We think WWE will come out as a more strong because they got huge amount of money from Saudi Arabia and some television contracts, so 2020 may be the interesting year to WWE. Probably they will try to make everything better from Royal Rumble 2020.

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