WWE Rumors: Smackdown Live Highlights 20 November 2018! Randy VS. Mysterio Main Event

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Today, we are going to tell you about today’s ‘Smackdown Live Highlights’. Friends! Today Smackdown Live were held at Los Angeles. Today, we saw a dream match after 12 years. Except this match, today’s Smackdown Live was just an average. We saw some good moments on today’s Smackdown like Charlotte dominated on IIconics, and Randy destroyed Mysterio.

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Smackdown Live Highlights: Dominance OF Charlotte Flair Again

Show was started by the Charlotte Flair. She came onto ring, and told about, whatever she did on ‘Survivor Series’ with Ronda Rousey. She told that she enjoyed this. She told that, she did everything for ‘The Champ’ i.e. Becky Lynch. Then, Paige came onto the ring, and congratulated Charlotte Flair, and she told to Charlotte that we all enjoyed that, whatever you did with Ronda Rousey, but Paige also had to fined Charlotte 100,000$.

Smackdown Live Highlights: Charlotte Dominated ON IIconics

During this conversation, IIconics did interference. Then, Charlotte told which one of your future is going to be next Ronda Rousey? Then, we saw a match between Charlotte Flair vs. Billie Kay. Charlotte easily defeated Billie Kay. But then, Charlotte challenged Peyton Royce also. But this match were ended in disqualification. Team IIconics started attack on Charlotte Flair, but Charlotte is in great momentum. She broke IIconics very badly.

Shane Macmahon ON MIZ TV, Bryant Brothers Defeated Team OF Shane & MIZ

Then, we saw MIZ TV. This time the guest was none other Mr. Shane Macmahon. Basically, Miz was talking about him and Shane. Then, Miz asked about a proposal from Shane that, would you join me as a tag team partner? The ‘Best Tag Team Partner In The World”. Shane was not eager to do this. Then, Miz booked a match as a competition. The competition was Bryan Brothers. But, then a shocking thing came. Bryant Brothers defeated team of Shane & Miz by roll up, and shocked the world.

New Day Defeated The Bar IN A Feast Fight

Next, we saw a Thanksgiving Day Feast Fight between New Day vs. The Bar. Match was just an average. At the end New Day defeated Bar. New Day not only defeated The Bar, but also humiliated The Bar.

Team Naomi & Asuka Defeated Team OF Sonia Deville & Mandy Rose

Next, we saw a women’s tag team match between team Naomi & Asuka vs. Team Sonia Deville vs. Mandy Rose. It was looking clearly that, some miscommunication is going between Mandy and Sonia. So, Naomi and Asuka took this advantage, and defeated Sonia and Mandy.

Smackdown Live Highlights: Fired Promo-Cut BY New Daniel Bryan

Then, we saw a promo-cut by the New WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. He told to WWE universe that, you think I betrayed you, but I betrayed you three years ago when I gave up from wrestling and my dreams. But, you thought that just was a moment. But now, Daniel Bryan is living for his dreams. This is a ‘New Daniel Bryan’. In whole segment, Daniel talked about his dreams.

Main Event: Randy Orton VS. Rey Mysterio! Randy Destroyed The Legacy OF Mysterio

This was the night’s main event. Everyone was waiting for this match. Match was going very good. First time Orton, holded the 619, but second time Mysterio successfully delivered 619. But then, Randy delivered a RKO outside the ring, and then onto the ring. Due to consecutively delivered two RKO , Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio. But, Randy humiliated Mysterio, he removed the mask of Mysterio. I think, this rivalry would go further, so, I’m very excited to see this. I think you may also? Let’s see next time, Who will stand tall?

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