WWE Rumors: Smackdown Live Highlights, Samoe Joe Returns, 30 October 2018

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Today, we are going to tell you about the Smackdown Live highlights. Friends! Tonight’s Smackdown were held on State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Tonight, we saw some of major and shocking announcements. Like we said in our earlier post, tonight we also saw Daniel Bryan’s replacement for the WWE championship match. We also saw some Randy’s magic. In short, tonight’s Smackdown Live was very good.

So, basically we are going to tell you all segments which happened on today’s Smackdown Live. I know, you will be very excited for know about Smackdown Live highlights. So, without time wasting, let’s take a look on our article.

WWE Championship Match: Aj Styles vs. Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe Returns

Show was started by the Aj Styles’s entry, because this was hometown for Aj Styles. Then, he called to Daniel Bryan. Then, Daniel came on the ring. Aj told to the Daniel that, he want to apologize to you. But, Daniel told that let’s forget this because now, he is looking for the WWE championship. Then, Daniel told why we are waiting for Crown Jewel? Let’s do this right now. Then, Shane Macmahon came out, and he made this match officially.

So, we saw a WWE championship match between Aj Styles vs. Daniel Bryan. WoW! Friends what a match this was. Really, it was incredible. But, at the end Aj defeated the Daniel by tapout. Then both wrestlers hugged each other. But, what we saw that, Samoe Joe returned, and attacked on both Daniel and Aj. After this attacked he raised the WWE title.

After this epic start of Smackdown Live, then we saw a video clip by both Miz and Jeff Hardy. In these videos we saw that both Hardy and Miz said that, they are going to be the “Best In The World” at Crown Jewel.

Will Charlotte Be The Smackdown Live Women’s Captain At Survivor Series?

Next, we saw a backside segment in which we saw Smackdown General Manager Paige and Charlotte Flair. Then, Paige appreciated Charlotte’s performance at Evolution. Then, she said that, ‘Do you want to be the Smackdown women’s captain for Survivor Series?” Charlotte said I’m not the right person for this job. Then, Paige told that don’t feel like a loser. Just think about that.

Trick Or Street Fight: Big E vs. Cesaro, Big Ending Of The Match

After this, we saw a Trick or Street Fight between Big E vs. Cesaro. We also saw some battle outside the ring between other member of team New Day and Bar.  But, at the end Big E won the match.

Shane Announced A Shocking Announcement

Then, we saw a backside segment. We saw all four member of the Smackdown Live who are going to take part in world Cup Tournament at Crown Jewel. Then, a shocking announcement came from the Shane Macmahon. He told to every four superstars that, whoever superstar would be fight at world cup tournament’s final if he would defeat by the Raw superstar, then he would be no longer at Smackdown Live brand.

Smackdown Live Highlights: Aj Styles vs. Samoa Joe At Crown Jewel For WWE Title

After this we saw an another backside segment. This time this is Aj Stles and Paige. Aj told to the Paige that, he want a match against Samoa Joe at Crown Jewel for the WWE championship, and Paige acknowledge that proposal.

SmackDown Live Highlights: US Champion In The Action: Nakamura vs. R-Truth

Then, we saw a match between US champion Sinshuke Nakamura vs. R-Truth. It was the good match but Nakamura defeated the R-Truth.

Becky’s Aggressive Segment On Smackdown Live

After this, we saw a segment by current Smackdown women’s champion Becky Lynch. She told that, at Evolution pay-per-view she was last woman standed because she defeated the Charlotte Flair. She also said that I’m are the man. Now what’s next? She said to Ronda that, you called yourself that you are the baddest planet on the planet. But, I have travelled the world to smashed people like you. At Survivor Series I’m going to do the same.

Main Event: Tag Team Match Between Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton & The Miz

Then, we saw the main event of the night. This was the tag team match between team of Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton & The Miz. Match was the full of moves, kicks and drops. But at the end team of Mysterio & Hardy defeated the team of Orton & Miz. But this was not the end. We saw some RKO by the Randy Orton. He delivered RKO on all three members. Then, show ended with Orton’s music.

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