WWE Rumors: Survivor Series 2018 Results Prediction & Highlights

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Today, we are going to tell you about Survivor Series 2018 results prediction & Highlights. Friends! It has been only 1 day is left to see one of the historic pay-per-view i.e. ‘Survivor Series’. It is going to be blockbuster pay-per-view. We are going to see many biggest matches and surprising thing in this pay-per-view.

Friends! This year Survivor Series is going to be held at Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California on 19 November 2018. Theme song of this pay-per-view is ‘Let Me Leave/ Let ME Die By Des Rocs’.

So basically, I’m going to tell you about Survivor Series 2018 results prediction & Highlights. I know, you will be very excited for know about these things. So, without time wasting, let’s take a look on our article.

Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali

Friends! Buddy Murphy recently won the Cruiserweight title at the super-show-down by the Cedric Alexander. So, I think, it would be hurry to lose the Cruiserweight title. Although, right now Mustafa Ali is not a that level of wrestler to hold the title. Although, we may see future battle of Buddy Murphy would be against Cedric Alexander or Lio Rush. So, I think we are going to see a good level of match. But, According to the rumors, Mustafa Ali would have to wait more for the title.

Winner would be of this match: Buddy Murphy

Survivor Series 2018 Results Prediction: 10 On 10 Tag Team Survivor Series Elimination Match

First of all let I tell you about both team members.

From Raw-Roode & Gable(captain), Lucha House Party, Ascension, Revival, B-Team. From Smackdown Live-Usos(captain), New Day, Good Brothers, Sainity, The Colons. Friends! This will be the straight forward prediction, because Smackdown Live team is looking very strong as compared to Raw team.

Winner would be of this match: Smackdown Live Tag Teams

Raw Tag Team Champions AOP VS. Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions The Bar

Friends! I’m little confuse to pick that, who will win between them? Because both teams have great momentum this time. If we talk to the Bar then Bar is already established in WWE, and after joining of Big Show’s with them, now Bar is looking even more strong. If we talk to the Authors Of Pain, then AOP recently got some push by the WWE. I think WWE not want to reduce the momentum of AOP. So, may be this time AOP will stand time. So, According to the rumors, I picks AOP.

Winner would be of this match: Authors OF Pain.

Survivor Series 2018 Results Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Seth Rollins, Dean Will Interfere?

Friends! Many people thinks that this is a dream match, but I don’t think so. I think this match will be alright. Due to Dean is not advertise in Survivor Series, we are definitely going to see some shocking things by Dean Ambrose. I think, he will come in this match, and will distract Seth Rollins. Due to this distraction Nakamura will take advantage, and will defeat Seth Rollins.

Winner would be of this match: Shinsuke Nakamura.

Survivor Series 2018 Results Prediction: Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair

Friends! Originally this match was in between Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch. But due to injury Becky is unable to compete. So, now Charlotte replaced Becky Lynch to this match. Actually, Charlotte vs. Rousey were booked for WrestleMania 35, but due to current situation, WWE being force to do this. But, I think there is no chance of Charlotte Flair to win this match. Although, Ronda is in great momentum, and this is not the right time to lose.

Winner would be of this match: Ronda Rousey.

Women’s 5 ON 5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

First of all let I tell you about both team members.

From team Raw- Alexa Bliss(captain), Mickey James, Tamina, Nia Jax, Ruby Riott, Natalya. From Team Smackdown Live- Captain is to be announced, Naomi, Asuka, Carmella, Sonia Deville. Friends! Smackdown showing Asuka and Naomi very weak, and one member is to be announced which may be the captain of team. I think, that member would be Nikki Cross. I think, Asuka or Naomi would be the sole survivor of Smackdown Live. So, according to rumors, Smackdown women’s would stand tall.

Winner would be of this match: Smackdown Women’s Team.

Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan Champion vs. Champion Match, Brock Will Defeat Bryan In 2 Minutes

Friends! Originally, this match was in between Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles. But as we know, Daniel defeated AJ this week on Smackdown Live, and become the WWE champion. So, this match had been changed. Now, this match is in between Brock vs. Daniel. This will be the dream match, because these two have never compete against each other. But, I think this match would be end in between 2 minutes because we know Daniel have some injury in his neck, and if this match will long then Brock will destroy Daniel’s carrier by giving Suplex. So, WWE will plan this match for only 2-3 minutes.

Winner would be of this match: Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Main Event: Men’s 5 ON 5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

This will be the main event of the night. First of all let I tell you about both team members.

From Team Raw- Baron Corbin(captain), Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley. From Smackdown Live Team- Miz(captain), Shane Macmohan, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy. Friends! we know, last year Raw defeated Smackdown one sided. But, it is looking that things may be change this year. On cards, Raw is looking more strong than Smackdown Live team. But we know, some internal disputes is happening in team Raw members, and this will be the + point for team Smackdown team. I think, Shane will delivere win for his brand as a heelish way. So, let’s see ‘What Best For The Buisness’.

Winner would be of this match: Smackdown Men’s Team.

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