WWE Rumors: Today Raw Highlights 12 November 2018! Smackdown Women’s Attack!

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Here, we are going to tell you about ‘Today Raw Highlights’. Friends! Today Raw was held at Kansas City, MO. This was the last Raw before the ‘Survivor Series’. WOW! Friends, today’s Raw was awesome. We saw many of interesting segments. We saw a little action by universal champion Brock Lesnar. Friends! As we told you in our last article that, we may see some action by the Smackdown Live team on today’s Raw, all happened like that today. Also, we saw the announcement of remaining two members of Raw men’s team. We also saw the announcement of Raw women’s team members.

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Today Raw Highlights: Braun Demands Complete if? Stephanie Macmahon Return!

Raw was started by the battle royal between five tag team teams. Stipulation was that winner of this battle royal will be the Raw’s tag team captain. But what we saw that Braun Strowman interfered in this match, and attacked on everyone. After this he sat on chair, and told that he will not leave the ring until Baron Corbin ‘Get These Hands’. Then, Stephanie came on the ring. She told to Braun that right now, you should think about Raw for Survivor Series. Braun told I don’t care because I want Corbin right now. Stephanie told that I know you are right, and you will get everything. Stephanie told what’s your demand? Braun told that, I want rematch for the universal title against Brock Lesnar, but before that I want Corbin. Stephanie told you will get everything if you defeat Smackdown Live at Survivor Series.

Then, Ronda Rousey came, and she told I’m waiting for a match against Becky Lynch since I debut in WWE. Becky crossed her line, and at Survivor Series, I’m going to destroy Becky. Then, we saw Baron Corbin on the ring. He told that, it’s must win situation for us at Survivor Series. But came in his mind, and he did some stupid thing. Actually, he putted his hand on Ronda’s shoulder. Then Ronda did what she always do. She attacked on Corbin, and dropped Corbin’s. Then, Braun told to Corbin that, live your life because after Survivor Series, I’m going to finish you.

Today Raw Highlights: Tamina Defeated Ember Moon

Next, we saw a match between Tamina vs. Ember Moon. That was a good match, but at the end Tamina defeated Ember Moon. But, that was not the end, because Nia attacked on Ember after the match.

Today Raw Highlights: Dean Burned The Shield Attire

Next we saw an interview of Seth Rollins. Cory Graves asked from Seth that, how are you looking your match against Nakamura at Survivor Series. Seth told that, I’m not thinking about that match because that match on Sunday. I’m thinking right now about Dean Ambrose, because I think that Dean is not a man enough to tell the reason that why he attacked on me? Then, we saw a live video by Dean Ambrose. He told to Seth that, people think that Shield is a strong team. But, I think Shield is very weak team. Then, he burned the Shield attire. Then, Seth went off from the ring with angry.

Finn Balor Defeated Dolph Ziggler & Earned A Spot In Raw Men’s Team

Then, we saw Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre on the ring. Drew told that, he broke the Shield, and now he destroyed Curt Angel’s carrier. Then, we saw Finn Balor on the ring. He came for a fight. Then, we saw a match between Finn Balor vs. Dolph Ziggler. Finn defeated Dolph by rollup. After this victory, Balor got reward for this. Stephanie told him that, you will be the fourth member of Raw men’ team.

Today Raw Highlights: Ruby Riott Mocked Natalya & Natalya’s Father

Then, we saw Riott Squad on the ring. It was looking that Ruby will be going to apologize for her last week action. But, she mocked Natalya and her’s father. Then, Natalya attacked on Ruby Riott from behind. But, number game dominated on Natalya.

Team Rude & Gable Is The Raw Tag Team Elimination Captain

Then, we saw a battle royal for the captain of Raw men’s team for tag team elimination match at Survivor Series. Team Gable and Roode won this match, and become the captain of Raw tag team elimination’s match.

Brock Lesnar Return & Attacked On Jinder Mahal

Then, we saw the return of Brock Lesnar. He came with the Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman addressed the WWE universe about Brock Lesnar vs. Aj Styles match at Survivor Series. He told that Aj Style will be going to visit in ‘Suplex City’ at Survivor series. Then, we saw the entry of Jinder Mahal. He came with his ‘Shanti’ gimmick role. He told to Brock that, you should take my advise because Aj Style will be the toughest contender for you. But, Brock attacked on Jinder and his companied members. He delivered some suplex on Jinder’s companied members, and delivered one F5 on Jinder Mahal.

Bobby Is the Fifth Member Of Raw Men’s Team At Survivor series

Next we saw a match between Elias vs. Bobby Lashley, and the winner will join the the Raw men’s team. Booby defeated Elias by the help of Lio Rush, and become the final member of the Raw men’s team. But, then Elias attacked on Lio Rush and Bobby.

Main Event: Smackdown women’s team invaded on Raw

Next, we saw Alexa Bliss on the ring. She came to the ring to announcement for the Raw women’s member. She announced the name of four members included herself i.e. Tamina, Mickey James, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. Then, she announced a match between Sasha Banks vs. Bayley, and the winner of this match will join the Raw women’s team. Match was going good but Tamina, Nia Jax, Mickey James and Alexa attacked on Sasha Banks and Bayley. Then, Alexa betrayed Sasha and Bayley. She announced the fifth member’s name and that is Ruby Riott.

But, we saw at backstage that Becky Lynch was attacking on Ronda Rousey. Then, Becky came on the ring. But she did not came alone. Entire Smackdown women’s division came, and attacked on Raw’s women team. Then, Ronda came but she also beat down by the Becky Lynch. By this, today Raw was ended.

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