WWE Rumors: Today’s Smackdown Live Highlights! Survivor Series Matches! November 6, 2018

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This time, we are going to tell you about today’s Smackdown Live highlights. Before starting the article, wish you, a very-very happy Diwali to all Wrestling Battle viewers. Now, coming to the article, friends! Today Smackdown Live were held at Manchester Arena, Manchester, England. Friends! Today, we saw the announcement of Smackdown Live men’s captain and the team members for the traditional 5 vs. 5 match for the ‘Survivor Series’. Also, we saw a new NXT superstar debut. RKO on 619. We also saw the women’s team for the traditional 5 vs. 5 match for the ‘Survivor Series’.

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Today’s Smackdown Live Highlights: Shane Announced The Captain Of Men’s Team For Survivor Series

Show was started by the entry of Smackdown Live General Manager Paige. Then, she called the Shane Macmahon. People were reacting negatively on Shane, because of the winning of the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel. Shane told to everyone that, he is not a ‘Best in The World’, infact everyone in the locker room of Smackdown Live is the ‘Best In The World’. Then, he announced the captain of the men’s team for Survivor Series. He announced the ‘Daniel Bryan’ as the captain of men’s team. Then, we saw the Daniel Bryan on the ring. He thanked to the both Paige and Shane Macmahon. But, then we saw Miz with his one leg injured. He came onto the ring, and told that, I deserve to be the captain of man’s team rather than Daniel. Then, Shane announced that both Miz and Daniel are the co-captain of Smackdown men’s team.

Usos Are The Captain Of Smackdown Tag Team Elimination Match At Survivor Series

After this, we saw a match between the Usos vs. New Day. The winner of this match would become the captain of the Smackdown tag team elimination match at Survivor Series. It was the good performance by the both team. But at the end, Uso defeated the New Day, and become the captain of tag team elimination’s match. But then, Uso chose the New Day in their team, and Uso’s accepted.

Becky Lynch Respond To Ronda Rousey, Nikki Cross Debut

Then, we saw Becky Lynch on the ring. She responded to the Ronda Rousey. She told to Ronda that, you are holding a championship, but actually you are not the champion. Still, you never faced someone like me. At Survivor Series, you are going to face a man, and I’ll crushed your body at Survivor series. I’m the most reluctant person that you have ever met. Then, Becky told that I want to fight here in Manchester. So, if anyone wants to fight with the champ, then come out here.

Then, we saw Sanity, but they introduced the Nikki Cross. With this, Nikki Cross made debut on WWE main roster. After this, we saw a fight between Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Cross. It was the good performance by the Nikki Cross. But, Becky defeated her.

Mysterio vs. Andrade Cien Almas First Time Ever, RKO On 619

Next, we saw a match between Andade Cien Almas vs. Rey Mysterio for the first time ever. It was the amazing match between both superstars. But, at the end Mysterio defeated Andrade by his finisher move ‘619’, and added into the Smackdown men’s team.  But, then a shocking thing came. Randy Orton delivered a RKO on Rey Mysterio from behind, and went off.

Today’s Smackdown Live Highlights: Champion’s Responded To The Champion’s

Then, we saw a video clip by the WWE Champion Aj Styles. He told to the WWE universe that, he is going to defeat Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. He told that, it’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler, because he is the phenomenal.

We saw an another video. This time it was the United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. He told that, I don’t care what is going in between Dean and Seth. But, at Survivor Series, I’m going to delivered my knee on Seth’s face, and will win the match.

Paige Announced Team Members & The Captain Of Women’s Team At Survivor Series

Next, Paige announced all team members of Women’s team for Survivor Series. She started with Carmella, then Naomi, next Sonia Deville, then Asuka, then she announced the team’s captain which was Charlotte. But, she did not came, infact Mandy Rose came. She argued from the Paige that, Why you chose Sonia instead of me? Because I threw out her from the ring in battle royal at Evolution. So, I deserves first. Then, we saw a little chaos between all womens.

Main Event: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy, Winner Will Join The SmackDown Team

Next, we saw the main event of the night. It was the match between the Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy, and the winner will join in Smackdown team at Survivor Series. It was the good match between both superstars. But at the end, Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy, and joined the Smackdown team. But, then Samoa came out from the ring, and said something from the Bryan. Bryan got angry, and started attacked on the Samoa Joe. Then, he delivered ‘Yes Lock’ on Joe. Then, both Miz and Shane came onto ring to stop this fight, but Bryan attacked on both, and went off.

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