WWE Rumors: WWE Raw Highlights Shield Break Roman Disease 22 October

Welcome to the WWE battle. Today, we are giving you about the WWE Raw highlights which happen at Dunkin’ Donuts Center on 22 October, 2018. Friends! Today’s raw was full of uncertain things and sorrow. It was the worst night for Shield. Roman is suffering from Leukemia disease. Finally, we saw the end of Shield. Today, we saw a new face superstar. A new universal championship match. New tag team champions on Monday Night Raw.

These are the things which happened on tonight’s Raw. So, we are going to provide you compelete WWE Raw highlights. I know, you will be very excited for know about these things. So, without time wasting, let’s take a look on our article, and know what happened on tonight “Monday Night Raw”.

Roman No More Universal Champion Roman Suffering From Leukemia Disease

Show started by the Roman Reigns. Like every time, WWE crowd showed negative reaction on the Roman Reigns. He came to the ring, and addressed to the WWE. Then a shocking news came for us. He told the WWE that, he is suffering from the Leukemia disease. He told that, this disease came into him life at the age of 22, but he defeated it. But now, this disease came into him life again. He told that, he is not a fighting champion because he is going to relinquish the Universal title. He told that, every time he come into this ring, people love him or hate him, but he is happy because they reacts on him. But something happened good for Roman fans that, he told this is not the retirement speech because he is going to come back very very soon. Also, something happened shocking for Roman that people was chanting for him that “Thank You Roman”. During the whole speech, he was looking very emotional. Then, he relinquished the universal title on the middle of ring, and went off. Then, we saw the entries of remaining shield members Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. They hugged each other. Then, they made their Shield symbol, and Roman went.

WWE Raw Highlights: Finn Balor Defeated Bobby Lashley

Now, we are moving forward on WWE raw highlights. After the emotional speech delivered by the Roman Reigns, we saw a match between Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley. It was the good match between both wrestlers. At the end, somehow Finn defeated the Lashley by rolling up. Bobby was looking disappointed after this defeat.

Then, we saw a match between Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riotts, and Ruby defeated the Sasha Banks.

WWE Raw Highlights: War of Promos by the DX and BOD

Then, we saw the D-X-Generation on the ring. They said, they are ready for the Crown Jewel, and told to the Brothers of Destruction that, “We are coming to kick your ass”. Then, we saw a video by the Brothers of Destruction. They told to the DX that, your reunion is going to vanish and you cannot survive. Then, they said at Crown Jewel, DX is going to rest in piece.

Paul Heyman Promo Cut  

Next, we saw the Paul Heyman on the ring. He hyped the new universal championship match, which is between the Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar for the vacant universal championship. Then, Braun Strowman came, and mocked the Brock Lesnar’s. He told that, he is going to defeat the Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel, and becoming the new universal champion. Then, Drew McIntyre came from behind, and hitted him finisher on the Strowman.

Explosive Contract Signing For the Raw Women’s Championship

After this, we saw an explosive contract signing for the raw women’s championship between Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella. It was just an arguments segment.

Then, we saw a brawl between the team of Trish Stratus and Lita vs. Alecia Fox and Mickey James at backside. Trish and Lita were standed tall after this brawl.

Elias defeated the Apollo Crews Elias turned into Face Superstar

After the little brawl between the Apollo Crews and Elias on last raw, tonight we saw a match between Elias vs. Apollo. Elias easily won this match.

But, something happened very shockingly. When the Baron Corbin disturbed the Elias, and told him to leave the stage, and said that he has no time to listen him stupid songs.  Then, Elias attacked on the Corbin. This means that, Elias turned as a face superstar.

Main Event: Raw Tag Team Championship Dean & Seth vs. Drew & Dolph

We are moving towards on the main event of the WWE raw highlights. This was the main event of the night, where Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins team fighted against the team of Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, for the Raw Tag Team Championship. WoW! What a match this was! It was full of moves, kicks, pinfalls. Then, we saw the interference of Braun Strowman in this match, and unfortunately referee was beaten by Rollins move. Braun took the advantage of this, and started brawl against the McIntyre. Then, Seth Rollins hitted Curbstomb on Dolph Ziggler, and won the match and also become the new tag team champion.

But then, Dean Ambrose attacked on Seth Rollins shockingly. He attacked very brutally on Seth Rollins, and destroyed the Rollins. So, next Raw is going to be very interestingly.

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