WWE Rumors: WWE SmackDown Highlights Orton vs. Jeff Hardy 23 October

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. Here, we are going to tell you about the WWE SmackDown highlights, which happened at Prudential Center, Newark on 23rd October 2018. Friends! We saw today some good matches, and also some good segments. We saw the action by the Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Aj Styles, The Miz, and many more. We saw a rematch between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy.

These are the things which happened on tonight’s SmackDown roster. So, we are going to provide you compelete WWE SmackDown highlights. I know, you will be very excited for know about these things. So, without time wasting, let’s take a look on our article, and know what happened on tonight “SmackDown”.

New Day Started The Show Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston

Show started by the former SmackDown tag team champion the New Day. Last  week, we saw that Bar defeated the New Day, and won the SmackDown tag team championship. In this match, we saw the, shockingly attacked of the Big Show on Kofi Kingston, and due to this distruption New Day lost the match. So, New Day came on the ring, and addressed the WWE universe about the last SmackDown night.

After this, we saw a match between Kofi Kingston vs. The Big Show. Match was going good, but then we saw the involvement of all superstars which was standed outside the ring. Then, match ended in a no contest. Both team attacked on each other, but at the end The Bar and the Show team, dominated over the New Day team.

WWE SmackDown Highlights: Usos defeated the team Bryan and Aj Styles

Now, we are moving forward on WWE SmackDown highlights. Last week, On SmackDown 1000 episode, we saw a tag team match between the Usos and the Bryan and Aj. Due to an accident between the Bryan and Aj, Uso defeated the team of Bryan and Aj Styles.

This match happened again, on tonight’s SmackDown, and the same thing happened again tonight. Again Usos took advantage of that, and won the match.

Then, we saw a video of Charlotte Flair where she was addressing the young WWE divas at performing center. Then, Becky Lynch came there, and interrupts Charlotte. Then, we saw a brawl between both Scarlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch.

WWE SmackDown Highlights: Rusev defeated the Aiden English

Then, we saw a match between Rusev vs. Aiden English. It was very easy match for Rusev. He crushed the Aiden English by his finishing move, and won the match very easily.

Mr. 619 on Miz TV Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

Then, we saw the Miz TV. This time the guest was on the Miz TV is Rey Mysterio. Miz called him on his show, and did appreciate of his own, like he always does. Then, Mysterio said that he done a mistake. Rather than Miz TV, he should be came on the Truth TV. He also told that Rather than talking, he will love to fight against you.

Then, WWE confirmed this match officially. Then, we saw a awesome match between the Miz vs. Rey Mysterio. It was the full of kicks, moves, pinfalls and etc. Then, at the end, Mysterio hitted his finisher move on Miz, and won the match.

WWE SmackDown Highlights: Mini Battle Royal between Women Wrestlers

So now, we are moving ahead on our next news of WWE SmackDown highlights. This time, we saw a mini battle between SmackDown women’s division. In this mini battle royal, Asuka were standed tall.

Main Event Of The Night: Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Now we are moving on the “Main Event” of the night. This is the rematch between Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton. Main Event started by the SmackDown Commissioner Mr. Shane Macmahon. He addressed the WWE crowd that, we are going to make history at Crown Jewel, because in WWE a World Cup tournament never organised before. Then match started between Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy. Once again, Orton made this match brutal. We saw a good match between both wrestlers, and at end, Randy Orton won the match by his finisher RKO.

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