WWE Smackdown 29th May 2020 Full Highlights and Results

WWE Smackdown 29th May 2020 Full Highlights and Results

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE Smackdown live stream 29th May 2020 results and highlights article. Semi Finale of vacant Intercontinental Championship. Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles vs Elias. We will give you every updates, so please stay tuned here.

Elias injured in car accident, Jeff Hardy went to jail


At the starting of show, we watched that Elias brutally injured due to car accident. Police arrested Jeff Hardy, they brought him into jail. Elias went for treatment. 

WWE officials announced that Elias and Jeff Hardy will not compete in the Intercontinental Championship’s tournament. 

Official also announced that 10 man Battle Royal is going happen next, and the winner will face Daniel Bryan in the semi-finale match, while AJ Styles has been moved to the finale of the tournament.

WWE Smackdown 29th May 2020

1. WWE Smackdown: 10 Man Battle Royal

Then we saw a 10 man battle royal. The winner is going to face Daniel Bryan in the semi-finale of the vacant Intercontinental Championship tournament.


Sheamus won this battle royal, and now he will face Daniel Bryan. 

Winner: Sheamus.

2. WWE Smackdown: Some Backstage heat Moment

At backstage Sonya Deville was saying bad words for Lacey Evans, and Lacey Evans delivered a punch on Sonya’s face.

At backstage Shorty G and Cesaro was arguing against each other. Cesaro gave a challenge to Shorty G for a match. 

Shorty G delivered a punch on the face of Cesaro, and accepted the challenge of Cesaro.

3. Sonya Deville vs Lacey Evans

Next we saw a match which happened in between Sonya Deville and Lacey Evans.

Both women started fighting at outside the ring. They were beating each other. Lacey Evans threw Sonya at commentary table. 

Referee ended this match in double countout.

4. New Day on Moment of Bliss

Next we saw a new episode of Moment of Bliss. This time the guest was current Smackdown Tag team Champions New day. 


Alexa asked to New Day that which tag team is looking stronger according to you? Kofi talked about the Forgotten Sons.

But then Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupted the party.

We saw some arguments in between both women’s teams. In the end, Bayley challenged to Alexa Bliss for a match with Sasha Banks.

5. WWE Smackdown: Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss

Next we saw a match which happened in between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. 

Sasha Banks won the match with the help of Bayley.

Winner: Sasha Banks.

6. Shorty G vs Cesaro

Next we saw a match which happened in between Shorty G and Cesaro. Overall it was a nice match, and Shorty G won this match.

Winner: Shorty G.

7. Otis and Mandy Rose Fun

Next we saw some entertaining stuffs. Otis and Mandy Rose we spending some times with each other.

They were doing fun in a swimming pool. In the end, Otis and Mandy Rose kissed each other.

Matt Riddle is coming to Friday Night Smackdown

Main Event: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan Semi-finale match

In the main event we saw a match which happened in between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

The winner of this match is going to face AJ Styles in the finale of vacant IC Championship tournament.

Overall it was a nice match. During the match, we saw the appearance of Jeff Hardy.

Sheamus got distract, and Daniel Bryan delivered a running knee, and successfully pinned Sheamus.

Winner: Daniel Bryan.

After the match, immediately Jeff Hardy attacked on Sheamus, but somehow Sheamus ran away.

This is the complete highlights of WWE Smackdown 29th May 2020. Did ypu like the show or not? DO comment.

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