WWE Monday Night Raw Live Blog 1st June 2020

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Blog 1st June 2020 (WWE live stream)

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE live stream of Monday Night Raw 1st June 2020. We are here to provide you the live updates and results of Monday Night Raw 1st June 2020. 

This is going to be an interesting Monday Night Raw because Rey Mysterio is coming back for own retirement announcement. We may expect something interesting stuffs from this segment.

Apollo Crews is going to defend US Title against a mystery opponent of his own choice. Seth Rollins will face Aleister Black in a single’s match. Asuka vs Charlotte Flair in a Champion vs Champion match.

So, many things is going to happen on this Raw’s show. So, please stay tuned here for getting every live and instant updates.

1. Seth Rollins kicked off the show

Show started by the Seth Rollins. He came on ring for Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony.

We saw a video that how Seth Rollins gave warning to Aleister Black that if he do not go back, then he will destroy Humberto Carrillo like Rey Mysterio.

He talks about Rey Mysterio now. Rey was chosen as a sacrifice for the greater good. Rollins continues by saying that Rey is the greatest Luchador and he sacrificed himself so that Rollins could take WWE to the next level.

Seth showed us a video of Rey Mysterio’s carrier moments. He said “Let’s all take a moment to admire and enjoy the greatness that is Rey Mysterio.” 

Seth says it will be his honour to induct Rey Mysterio into Hall of Fame. Then Aleister Black’s music hit. He came into the ring and immediately attacked on Seth Rollins.

WWE Live Stream: Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black

Next we saw a match in between Aleister Black and Seth Rollins. What a match this was! No one was giving up.

It was a classic match. Sometimes Seth was dominating, while sometimes Aleister Black.

At a point Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory tried to attack on Aleister Black, but Humberto Carrillo came to save Aleister Black.

In the end, Aleister Black was preparing for deliver Black Mass on Seth Rollins, but Buddy and Austin tried to interference, but Humebrto attacked on them from steel chair.

Brawl started at outside the ring. Meanwhile Aleister Black pinned Seth Rollins via rollup. Seth get shock. 

Winner: Seth Rollins.

After the match, Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory attacked on Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo. Then, Seth Rollins delivered curb-stomp on both Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black.

2. Zelina Vega tore the Red Rose of Charly Caruso

Next we saw a backstage interview of Angel Garza and Zelina Vega. Charly Caruso was taking this interview.

After the interview, Angel Garza gave Charly Caruso a nice red rose, but then Zelina Vega tore it apart. That’s just an evil thing to do!

3. Shawn Michaels picked Edge the Winner

shawn michaels on raw 1st june 2020

Next we saw a video of Shawn Michaels. He talked about the match which is going to happen in between Randy Orton and Edge at Backstage 2020 PPV. He picked Edge as the winner of this match.

4. WWE Live Stream: Apollo Crews picked Kevin Owens

Next we saw new United States Champion Apollo Crews on the ring. He came on the ring, and selected Kevin Owens for own title match.

Kevin Owens came to ring, and said after losing last week against Angel Garza, it will be not right thing for fight US Championship.

Apollo Crews said this is for the respect, and you deserve it. Somehow Kevin agree for this match.

Kevin Owens vs Apollo Crews US Championship

Then we saw a match in between Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens for United States Championship. Match starts.

Kevin Owens starts attack on Apollo. He delivered a Senton from top of the ring, and tried to pin Apollo, but Apollo kicked out. 

Apollo Crews was looking hurt. Referee asked to Apollo that Are you fine? Apollo said Yes, I’m. then we saw a brawl type action in between Kevin and crews.

Apollo Crews tried to pin Kevin Owens, but Kevin Owens kicked out. Then Kevin Owens countered, and delivered a moonsault, and tried to pin Apollo Crews, but Apollo kicked out.

After this, Apollo Crews countered, and delivered Olympic slam, and immediately standing moonsault. He tried to pin Owens, but Owens kicked out again.

Then we saw the interference of Angel Garza and Andrade. they attacked on both Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews. Match stopped.

Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens vs Andrade and Angel Garza

After this attack, we saw a tag team match which happened in between team of Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens vs the team of Andrade and Angel Garza.

Andrade and Angel Garza attacks on Apollo Crews. They dominates on Apollo Crews. 

Garza looking to deliver wing clipper, but Apollo blocks, and gave a tag to Kevin Owens. Angel gave a tag to Andrade, and Andrade applied a submission lock on Kevin’s leg.


Kevin counters, and delivered a Senton. Andrade went outside. Andrade gave a tag to Apollo Crews. Meanwhile Angel Garza attacked on Kevin’s injured leg. 

Apollo attacks on Garza, and then he delivered a tossup powerbomb on Andrade, and pinned Andrade successfully.

Winner: Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews.

5. The Viking Raiders vs The Street Profits “Bowling” Competition

Street profits vs Viking Raiders bowling competition June 1, 2020

Next we saw the bowling competition in between Viking Raiders and Street Profits. The Viking Raiders won the match. Score levels up on 2-2.

6. WWE Live Stream: Nikki Cross vs Billie Kay

Next we saw a match which happened in between Nikki Cross and Billie Kay. 

Nikki Cross strikes first. She attacks on Billie’s head on turn buckel. Nikki tried to pin, but Billie Kay kicked out.

Billie Kay countered, and delivered a big boot. She tried to pin Nikki Cross, but Nikki kicked out. 

Billie Kay tried again to pin Nikki Cross, but Nikki kicked out again. Billie Kay started frustrating.

Nikki Cross countered, and delivered a bulldog. Nikki tried to deliver cross body from top of the ring, but Billie Kay saved own, and delivered a situp powerbomb, and pinned Nikki Cross. 

Winner: Billie Kay.

7. Rey Mysterio live with injury update

Next we saw Rey Mysterio live via video calling. Samoa Joe asked to Rey that are your here for retirement? He mentioned that it’s a eye injury. It may take time. May be I can’t compete now. But it will take some time for taking any decision.

Meanwhile we saw the involvement of Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik Mysterio. He said Seth Rollins is not a Messiah, even he is not a human beings. In the end, Dominik said “Here the description, a eye for an eye”.

8. WWE Live Stream: Nia Jax Promo

Next we saw a promo cut by the Nia Jax. She said she didn’t start this, she was attacked by several times. 

Nia mentioned that Asuka didn’t won Raw Women Championship. “She was gifted the title because of HORMONES.”, and at Backlash I will expose her.

9. R-Truth won the 24/7 championship again

Next we saw a video in which R-Truth took the 24/7 title from Rob Gronkowski. 

10. Nia Jax vs Kairi Sane

Next we saw a match in between Nia Jax and Kairi Sane. Kairi Sane strike first. She started attack on Nia. She applied a sleeper hole, and put down Nia Jax on knee. 

Then she delivered a DDT, and then a sliding knee into the corner. She was preparing to deliver Insane Elbow, bit Nia went at outside the ring. 

Kairi tried to deliver baseball slide, but Nia holds Kairi, and attacked on Kiari on steel steps. In the end, she delivered a leg drop, and pinned Kairi Sane successfully.

Winner: Nia Jax.

After the match, we saw a faceoff in between Asuka and Nia Jax.

11. WWE Live Stream: Randy Orton’s message to Edge

Next we saw Randy Orton promo. It was a Orton’s message for Edge. He said that last past week he was watching Undertaker’s “The Last Ride” on WWE network.

He addressed to Edge that two weeks ago on Raw, you said to me that I didn’t have passion, everything I achieved, all handled to me. 

But for your information, everything I achieved because of my skills, and at Backlash I will prove that I’m better than you. 

12. WWE Live Stream: Charlotte Flair Promo Cut

She said you should respect me. This Sunday at NXT Takeover In Your House, I’m going to defend my NXT Women championship against Rhea Ripley and IO Shirai. 

I want that you should respect them. I hope you become next IO Shirai and Rhea Ripley, so that I bow you down. 

Then she talked about Asuka. She mentioned that I broke the Asuka’s streak at WrestleMania. Meanwhile Asuka’s music hit, she came on ring.

Champion vs Champion: Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

Next we saw a match which happened in between NXT Women Champion Charlotte Flair vs Raw Women Champion Asuka.

Charlotte started attack on Asuka. During the attack she was saying that I broke your streak at WrestleMania. Charlotte was fully dominating on Asuka.

Asuka tried to counter, but Charlotte Flair drop her down. Meanwhile Asuka stood up, and delivered a kick on the face of Charlotte Flair.

She did a hip attack into the corner. She delivered a shining riser, and tried to pin Charlotte Flair, but Charlotte kicked out.

Asuka applied Armbar submission, but Charlotte countered, and turned into Boston Crab. Asuka tried to counter, and pin Charlotte, but immediately Charlotte applied knee bar. 

Charlotte delivered a situp powerbomb, and tried to pin Asuka, but Asuka kicked out.

Charlotte tried to attack again, but Asuka blocks, and applied Armbar submission, but Charlotte lifts Asuka from one hand, and delivered a another situp powerbomb. 

Meanwhile Nia Jax interrupted Asuka. She was mocking Asuka by waring Asuka’s mask. Asuka was outside the ring. Referee was counting, but Asuka’s focus on Nia Jax. Referee counted to 10, and Asuka lost the match.

Winner: Charlotte Flair by countout.

After this, Nia Jax attacked on Asuka.

13. Main Event: Drew McIntyre vs MVP

In the main event, we watched a match in between WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs MVP.

Bobby Lashley stood on MVP’s corner. Drew McIntyre came into ring. Meanwhile Lana makes her appearance. Match started.

McIntyre started attack on MVP. Drew started beating of MVP into the corner. He delivered a closeline, and then a Glassgow kiss. 

Bobby Lashley distracted McIntyre at outside the ring. MVP started attack on Drew McIntyre. He tried to pin McIntyre, but McIntyre kicked out at 1. 

McIntyre countered, and drop down MVP. He tried to deliver Claymore on MVP, Bobby saved MVP. But McIntyre jumped over both MVP and Bobby Lashley.

Drew brought MVP into the ring, and delivered a claymore kick on MVP. 1!2!3! Drew McIntyre defeated MVP.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Immediately Bobby Lashley attacked on Drew McIntyre. He applied Full Nelson submission move on Drew McIntyre.

This is the end of today’s WWE Monday Night Raw. I hope you enjoyed the show. 

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