WWE Monday Night Raw Live Stream 18 May 2020

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Stream 18 May 2020

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE Monday Night raw live stream 18th May 2020. Smackdown’s superstar King Corbin is here on Raw to face WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. WWE is running brand to brand invitation.

Who will be the first challenger for Asuka after getting Raw Women’s title last week? What next challenge in between Street Profits and The Viking Raiders? Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss is going to defend their Women Tag Team titles against The IIconics. We will update you about the every moments, so stay tuned here.

Edge accepted the challenge of Randy Orton

Charly Caruso called Randy Orton to come on ring. Before doing so, she repeated her comment that she said last week that wrestling match between Edge and Randy Orton could be the greatest ever.

Randy Orton came, and said if it was so hard to understand the concept of a straight wrestling match. Edge was better than me at WrestleMania, but he is not a better wrestler than me.

Randy said that I don’t need a chair and tables to beat Edge. Orton said no other athlete and no other wrestler can do what he does in the ring. Randy said I saw some doubt in the eyes of Edge last week because grit and passion have faded away. Now all Edge had was doubt and fear.

Then Edge came, and said Randy Orton said lot of truth last week. He thinks that this is a game for him. Edge said this life was handed to Orton and it was only his backup plan. Edge said Randy didn’t dream about to win the championship, and he saves all of his money to go to show. Randy didn’t cry when he become IC title, like I did.

Edge knew that winning the IC championship would set him on a path to be considered one of the best workhorses in the business, and he was. It was the Randy Orton who defeated me for IC title. Edge noted that Orton has also never come back from a career-threatening injury like he did.

Randy Orton cuts Edge, and asked that can you accept my challenge? Edge replied “Yes” I accept your challenge. Orton smirked and left the ring. Samoa Joe also said this is going to be be the greatest wrestling match ever.

Seth Rollins Promo Cut

Next we saw the presence of Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy on the ring. Meanwhile commentators updated on Rey Mysterio’s injury. They said that the damage to his eye might be critical but doctors won’t be able to reassess until the swelling goes down. 

Rollins said sometimes you have to lose yourself to find who truly you are. Seth said when I lost against Drew McIntyre at Money in The Bank, I fell to a place so dark he thought he may never escape. 

However without darkness, there is no light, and now I can see better light than ever before. He thanked one man for helping him see this — Rey Mysterio. 

Rollins said people thought what he did to Mysterio was unforgivable. But I think it was a sacrifice that would allowed to me the leader I needed to be. Rollins a message for Rey Mysterio “He had a message for Mysterio: what happened to you was a blessing in disguise. He also wanted to say something to Mysterio now so he wouldn’t have to when they meet again: You’re welcome.” 

Then Humberto Carrillo interrupted Seth Rollins, and he came on the behalf of his idle Rey Mysterio. He want to do fight with Seth Rollins, but Seth Rollins denied to fight, but he said Buddy Murphy will do.

Buddy Murphy vs Humberto Carrillo

Next we saw a match which happened in between Humberto Carrillo and Buddy Murphy. It was going a nice match. But Seth Rollins distracted the attention of Humberto Carrillo, and Buddy Murphy took the advantage of that moment, and delivered Murphy Law move. Buddy Murphy pinned Humberto Carrillo.

Winner: Buddy Murphy.

After the match, Buddy Murphy didn’t stop. He continued to attack on Humberto Carrillo, but Aleister Black saved Humberto Carrillo.

WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: Charlotte Flair’s Promo

Next we saw Charlotte Flair on the ring. She started to appreciating herself. Flair said that she is a hardest-working woman on all 3 brands. She talked about last week’s segment which happened with Bayley and Sasha on Smackdown. Charlotte said I want to teach a lesson to Bayley that how a champion’s level should be? Then she called Ruby Riott to come on ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott

Next we saw a match which happened in between Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott. Charlotte Flair strikes first. She started to attack on Ruby Riott. During the match, Charlotte was mocking of Liv Morgan. meanwhile Ruby Riott countered, and she delivered a hip drop from the top of ring. She tried to pin of Charlotte Flair, but Charlotte Flair kicked out.

Ruby Riott went for Riott kick, but Charlotte Flair blocked, and applied a figure 4 submission lock, and Ruby Riott tapped out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair.

Bobby Lashley and MVP segment at backstage

MVP said to Lashley I know you are focusing on R-truth and your beautiful wife Lana, but why are you not thinking about WWE Championship? Just think about the feelings that you holds WWE Championship on your shoulders? When you will become free Lashley? Just think about it.

Asuka’s Championship celebration

Kairi Sane introduced Asuka. Asuka said I’m so happy that Becky Lynch is going to become a mother. Kairi counted all the glories of Asuka that she achieved in WWE. Then Kairi Sane started playing a flute.

Then we saw the interference of Nia Jax. Nia said there is nothing to celebrate. Becky Lynch handed you the title. When I become Raw women champion, then will be a great party.

Then Asuka and Kairi Sane attacked on Nia Jax, and threw Nia at outside the ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley

Next we saw a match which happened in between Bobby Lashley and R-Truth. It was an easy match for Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley single handedly dominated on R-Truth, and eventually he applied a submission move, and R-Truth tapped out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

MVP was applauding on Bobby’s victory. Meanwhile Lana become out of control by watching the correlation in between Bobby and MVP.

Women Tag team Championship: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs The IIconics

Next we saw a championship match on Raw. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs The IIconics for the women tag team championship.

Alexa Bliss and Peyton Royce started the things off. Peyton and Billie Kay tried to attack on Alexa, but Alexa beaten up both of them. Alexa gave a tag to Nikki Cross. Peyton Royce also gave a tag to her partner. Billie Kay tried to pin Nikki Cross, but Nikki kicked out.

Nikki gave a tag to Alexa Bliss. Alexa started attack on Billie Kay. She delivered a Twist a Bliss move on Billie Kay, and went to pin Kay, but Peyton Royce breaks the things off, and she started the attack on Alexa Bliss. 

As she was an illegal wrestler, referee gave some chances to her to stop attack on Alexa, but she didn’t stop, and referee stopped the match. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross retained the title by disqualification.

Winner: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross by DQ.

Meanwhile Nia Jax attacked on Kairi Sane at backstage.

Meanwhile Asuka attacked on Nia Jax at backstage.

Natalya vs Shayna Baszler Submission Match

Next we saw a submission match which happened in between Natalya vs Shayna Baszler. Shayna strikes first, and immediately applied knee lock on Natalya. Baszler was dominating on Natalya. She went to deliver sharp shooter, but Natalya blocked, and applied sharp shooter, but somehow Baszler saved own.

Natalya applied an another submission, but Baszler blocked that move, and applied Kirifuda submission lock, and eventually Natalya tapped out.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Natalya goes out of control after this lost. 


WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: Kevin Owens returned with KO Show

Next we saw the return of Kevin Owens with a Kevin Show. Kevin Owen said I defeated Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, and I got banked up. It was the my one of the best WrestleMania’s moment.

Then Kevin Owens introduced Zelina Vega, Andrade, Angel Garza and Austin Theory. Everyone came on the ring.

Zelina started appreciating her faction and own. Then Kevin Owens said you are not only my guest for tonight, then he introduced Apollo Crews. Apollo started attack on Andrade.

Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews vs Andrade and Angel Garza

Next we saw a tag team match which happened in between Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews vs Andrade and Angel Garza. 

Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens was firing up on Andrade and Angel Garza. Zelina Vega tried to interfere, but miscommunication happened in between Angel Garza and Austin Theory. Austin Theory’s punch hit on Angel Garza’s face. Apollo Crews delivered toss up powerbomb, and pinned Angel Garza.

Winner: Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens.

After the match, Andrade and Angel Garza attacked on Austin theory.

WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: Buddy Murphy vs Aleister Black

Next we saw a match in between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy. Aleister Black immediately attacked on Murphy. He was beating up Murphy all around the ring. But Aleister Black hit his own leg ring’s post. Austin Theory was still there outside the ring. 

Buddy Murphy was beating of Aleister Black, but Aleister Black countered, and was ready to deliver Black Mass. Meanwhile Seth Rollins joined an another member in his faction. Austin Theory attacked on Aleister Black. Match stopped. Then Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy attacked on Aleister Black, and eventually Austin Theory delivered ATL move on Aleister Black.

At backstage, Apollo Crews challenged Andrade again for the United States Championship. It will be happen on next week. 

Main Event: Drew McIntyre vs King Corbin

In the main event, we saw a match which happened in between Drew McIntyre and King Corbin. This was the first brand to brand invitation match on Raw. Before starting of the match, we saw the presence of Bobby Lashley and MVP. Bobby Lashley said I’m coming for you and WWE title.

King Corbin started attack on Drew McIntyre, but McIntyre countered, and started beating of King Corbin at outside the ring. Drew was ready to deliver Claymore kick, but Corbin used his minds, and saved own.

King Corbin started dominating again. Corbin tried to pin McIntyre, but McIntyre kicked out at 1. King Corbin delivered a superplex, and tried to pin McIntyre again, but McIntyre kick out at 1 again. 

McIntyre countered, and delivered Belly to Belly drop, and a spine buster. McIntyre went to pin Corbin, but Corbin kicked out. 

Drew delivered a future shock DDT, and was ready for Claymore kick, but Corbin blocked, and delivered deep 6 move, and tried to pin McIntyre, but McIntyre kicked out again. But eventually Drew McIntyre delivered a claymore kick, and defeated King Corbin.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

That was the last segment of tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw. Overall it was a nice show. We got to see some new storylines tonight. It will be interesting to see upcoming shows. What do you think about tonight’s show? DO comment.

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