WWE Monday Night Raw 25th May 2020

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Stream Watch Online 25th May 2020

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is the WWE Monday Night Raw live stream 25th May 2020.

Nia Jax, Natalya and Charlotte Flair will collide against each other to become the number 1 candidate for the Raw Women’s Championship at Backlash PPV.

Drew McIntyre will be the guest of MVP’s VIP Lounge.

Andrade will defend his United States Championship against Apollo Crews. We will provide you every live results, so just stay tuned here. 

WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: Audience Around the Ring

The interesting thing we watched in this Raw that WWE added some NXT, WWE PC, and Raw talents around the ring.

1. KO Show kicked off the Show

Show started by the Kevin Owen’s show. He introduced Asuka, then Charlotte Flair, Natalya and then Nia Jax. But later on this talking show turned into fighting show. Asuka attacked on Nia, while Charlotte Flair attacked on Natalya. 

2. United States Championship: Andrade(c) vs Apollo Crews

Then we saw the United States Championship match which happened in between Andrade(c) vs Apollo Crews. Match starts.

Apollo strikes first, delivered a closeline, immediately went for cover, but Andrade kicked out. Then Apollo delivered a slam, and again went for cover, but again Andarde kicked out.

Andrade countered, delivered a back elbow, went for cover, but Apollo kicked out. Apollo countered, Zelina tried to interfere, but Apollo was prepared for that, Andrade tried to attack, but Apollo saved own, and Andrade bumped with Zelina.

Zelina hurts, and medical team started watching Zelina. Andarde started attack on Apollo, tried to pin Apollo, but Apollo kicked out.

Apollo countered, delivered kick to the face of Andrade, Apollo tried to deliver super-plex, but Andrade countered, and delivered double stomp on the chest of Apollo Crews. 

Back-and-Forth action, meanwhile Angel Garza was giving interview at backstage. Andrade delivered double knees to Apollo at ring’s corner, went for cover, but Apollo Crews kicked out. 

Apollo Crews countered, and delivered a slam, and then standing moonsault, and pinned Andarde, and become new United States Championship.

Winner: Apollo Crews

After losing the match, Andrade lose the mind, and starting destroying the things at backstage.

3. Seth Rollin’s Promo

Next we saw a promo cut by the Seth Rollins. Rollins said tonight is the celebration time, and I want to do thanks one man (Rey Mysterio). He sacrificed himself for good, I know the pain that he felt, but it was courageous because it allowed us to move forward for future.

Then he introduce Austin Theory as his new member of own team. He said under his guidance they(Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory) are limitless. Rollins said we will teach a lesson to Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black that what happens when you stands in front of Messiah. 

4. The IIconics’s Promo cut and Brawl between IIconics and Women tag champions

Peyton Royce started apologize to Billie Kay that last week she spoiled the moment to winning Women Tag Team Championship.

Then Billie Kay started apologize to Peyton Royce for slapping last week. They started appreciating own.

Then we saw the interference of Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. We saw some arguments in between both teams.


Both team was appreciating own’s friendship. Then IIconics attacked on champions. In the end, they raised the titles.

5. WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: MVP VIP Lounge

Next we saw the MVP’s VIP Lounge. He introduced Drew McIntyre as a former WWE Champion.

That was Drew’s insult. Drew McIntyre came on the ring, and destroyed VIP Lounge’s stuff.


Drew asked to MVP that where is Bobby Lashley? MVP said without no contract, no contact. He will face you at Backlash PPV. 

MVP said Bobby Lashley is going to beat you at Backlash. He said he is waiting from 13 years for WWE Championship.

Drew said what about my patience, I was waiting for WWE Championship from 19 years. I beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 under 5 minutes, and I don’t think so he can. 

Then Bobby Lashley makes his presence. He was coming, meanwhile Drew McIntyre delivered a claymore kick on MVP.

Somehow Bobby saved MVP from Drew. Drew was challenging to Bobby to came on ring, but Booby walked behind. 

6. WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: Kevin Owens vs Angel Garza

Next we saw a match in between Kevin Owens and Angel Garza, but before the match Angel Garza attacked on Kevin’s knee when Kevin Owens was coming to the ring. 

Then match starts. Angel Garza started attacking on Kevin’s injured leg. Kevin Owens countered, and delivered a DDT. 

Kevin Owens was feeling pain. Garza delivered a superkick on Owens, and went for cover, tried to pin, but Owens kicked out.

Kevin Owens delivered a Senton from top of the ring. He went for Pop-up-Powerbomb, but Angel Garza blocked, and delivered a wing clipper move, and he shocked everyone because he pinned Kevin owens.

Winner: Angel Garza

After the match, he attacked on Kevin again.



7. Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black vs Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy

Next we saw a tag team match which happened in between Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black vs Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy.

Match started by the Humberto and Theory. Austin started attacking, brought Humberto to his corner, gave a tag to Murphy. Murphy started attacking.

Humberto countered, and threw Murphy outside the ring. He gave a tag to Aliester Black, and jumped over both Austin and Murphy outside the ring. 

Murphy and Austin again started attack on Humberto, somehow Humberto gave a tag to Black, and Aleister Black started beating both Murphy and Austin. 

Murphy attacked on Black, and Austin delivered a ATL move on Humberto, and pinned Humberto.

Winner: Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy

After the match, Seth and his company started attack on Humberto Carrillo. Aleister tried to save Carrillo, but Seth told to him that if you attack me, then Humberto will lose one eye like Rey Mysterio. 

8. WWE Monday Night Raw live stream: Edge’s promo Cut

Next we saw a promo cut by the Edge from backstage. Edge started talking about his past and Randy Orton. He addressed to Orton that I missed 9 years, and you fought more than 1000 matches during that period. 

I don’t think that I should retire. I have still wrestling’s capability, and at Backlash I will prove again.

9. Triple Threat Action: Nia Jax vs Charlotte Flair vs Natalya

Next we saw a triple threat women’s action which happened in between Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair and Natalya.

The winner will face Asuka for the Raw women championship at WWE Backlash PPV. Asuka was available at outside the ring on the commentary table. Match starts.

Nia started attacking on Natalya and Charlotte Flair, but Natalya and Charlotte worked in a team, and attacked on Nia Jax. 

Then Natalya and Charlotte started fighting against each other. Both were countering each other’s moves. Meanwhile Nia pulled Charlotte outside the ring, and attacked on Charlotte.  Then she attacked on Natalya. 

Charlotte tried to attack from weapon, but Nia beaten up her. Nia tried to deliver a Samoan drop on Charlotte on apron, but Natalya came from behind, and both Charlotte and Natalya worked in a team, and delivered a powerslam to Nia on the commentary table. 


Natalya and Charlotte started fighting against each other inside the ring. Meanwhile Asuka brings back Nia back into the ring.

Natalya started beating Nia, but Nia countered. Charlotte came from behind, attacked on Nia. She tried to pin Natalya, but Natalya kicked out. 

Charlotte went on top of the ring, and delivered a moonsault on Nia, and tried to pin Nia Jax, but Nia Jax kicked out. 

Charlotte attacked on Nia’s knee, and applied figure 4 submission lock, and then figure 8 submission lock. Nia was paining, but Natalya breaks the submission. 

Then Natalya applied sharpshooter on Charlotte, but Nia breaks the things off. Charlotte delivered a big boot on Nia, and went to pin Nia, but Natalya breaks the cover. 

Then we saw a double power bomb by the Natalya. Natalya tried to pin both one by one, but both kicked out.

Charlotte went for figure 4 submission again on Natalya, but Natalya breaks the things off, and attacked on Charlotte, and then she delivered a Samoan Drop on Natalya.

She pinned Natalya, and earned an opportunity to face Asuka at Backlash PPV.

Winner: Nia Jax

10. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair video on Raw

Next we saw the video of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair on Raw. He talked about Edge vs Randy Orton match which is going to be happen at Backlash PPV. Flair picked Randy Orton as the winner.

11. Main Event: Street profits vs MVP and Bobby Lashley

In the main event of show,  we saw a tag team match which happened in between Street profits vs MVP and Bobby Lashley.

Match starts by the Montez Ford and Bobby Lashley. Lashley drops Ford, and showed his muscles. Bobby attacked on Montez Fod, and tried to pin Montez Ford, but Ford kicked out.

Bobby gave a tag to MVP. MVP attacked on Ford, and then MVP gave a tag to Bobby, and Bobby did shoulder attack on Ford into the corner. Bobby Lashley attacked on Ford at outside the ring.

Bobby was man handling Montez Ford. Lashley tried to pin Ford, but Ford kicked out. Bobby gave a tag to MVP, but Ford countered, and somehow he gave a tag to Dawkins. 

Dawkins started beating up MVP. He delivered a spinning splash on MVP, meanwhile Ford attacked on Ford at outside the ring. 

Dawkins gave a tag to Ford, and Ford delivered a frog splash on MVP, Bobby attacked on Dawkins at outside the ring. 

Ford tried to pin MVP, but Bobby came from behind, and applied a lock. Referee said to leave him because Bobby was the illegal man, but Bobby didn’t stop, and referee stopped the match. 

Winner: Street profits by DQ

Then Drew McIntyre makes his appearance, and we saw a big brawl in between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley. McIntyre was dominating on Lashley.

Referee called officials and superstars to stop this brawl, but Drew beaten up everyone. then Bobby delivered a spear on Drew McIntyre. Brawl was continuing. Then superstars stood outside the ring stopped the brawl.

This is the WWE Monday Night Raw live stream 25th May 2020. This was the good show. What do you think on this show? DO Comment.

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