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WWE NXT Results, live blog(6 May 2020) Winners, Grades, Highlights

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE NXT results of 6th May 2020. Adam Cole is going to defend his NXT Championship against Velveteen dream, while Charlotte Flair is going to defend her NXT Women Championship against IO Shirai. Finn BΓ‘lor returns to call out his mystery attacker.

1. WWE NXT Results: Johnny Gargano vs Dominik Dijakovic

Show started by the match of Johnny Gargano vs Dominik Dijakovic. Match started. Gargano strikes first, but Dominik countered next. He started dominating on Gargano. He strike a knee on the rip cage of Gargano. Dominik tried to pin, but Gargano kicked out.

Meanwhile Johnny Gargano attacked on Dominik’s knee, and then started dominating. Dominik strikes again. He delivered a moving closeline, and tried to pin Johnny, but Johnny kicked out again. 

Meanwhile we saw the presence of Johnny’s wife Candice LaRae. Dominik disturbed, and Johnny got advantage of this, and started attack on Dominik. He threw Dominik outside the ring, and then then delivered a suicide-dive at outside the ring.

After a commercial break, Johnny was beating Dominik, but Dijakovic countered, and delivered a big boot on the face of Johnny. Meanwhile Johnny tried to pin Dijakovic via rollup, but Dominik kicked out. Johnny delivered a super kick, and tried to pin Dominik, but Dominik kicked out again.

Candice LaRae tried to disturb referee, and Johnny was expose turn-buckel, but Dominik delivered a chockeslam, and tried to pin Johnny, but Johnny kicked out again.

Then Johnny Gargano threw Dominik at the rings’s conrnor. Dominik’s face hit on the expose turn-buckel, and then he hit a Slingshot DDT, and that’s it. Johnny Gargano pinned Dominik Dijakovic.

Winner: Johnny Gargano.

2. Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Akira Tozawa vs Jack Gallagher

Next we saw a match of Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament’s match. This match happened in between Akira Tozawa and Jack Gallagher. Match started.

Jack Gallagher strikes first, he delivered a german-suplex. Then Akira countered, and he also delivered a german-suplex to Jack Gallagher. Gallagher tried to submit to Tozawa, but Tozawa saved own.

Tozawa delivered a DDT on the apron, and then delivered a Senton from the top of the ring on the belly of Jack Gallagher. Tozawa tried to counter, and he pinned Gallagher successfully.

Winner: Akira Tozawa.

3. WWE NXT Results: Xia Li vs Chelsea Green

Next we saw a women’s division match which happened in between Xia Li and Chelsea Green. Match started. 

Chelsea Green strikes first, but Xia Li countered next. Xia Li delivered two closelines, meanwhile we saw the presence of Aliyah at outside the ring. She interfered Xia Li, but Xia Li beats her. Meanwhile Chelsea Green delivered her finisher, and pinned Xia Li successfully.

Winner: Chelsea Green.

4. Karrion Kross and Scarlett Debut: Karrion Kross vs Leon Ruff

Next we saw the debut of Karrion Kross and Scarlett. We saw a match in between Karrion Kross and Leon Ruff. Match started.

Karrion Kross delivered a quick knee to the neck of Leon Ruff, then a german-suplex. Then he applied a cross-jacket submission move, and Leon Ruff immediately tapped out.Β 

Winner: Karrion Kross.

5. NXT Women Championship: Charlotte Flair vs IO Shirai

Next we saw the NXT Women Championship match which happened in between Champion Charlotte Flair vs challenger IO Shirai. Match started.

Charlotte tried to attack, but Shirai surprised Charlotte Flair from her own speed and athleticism. Then Charlotte Flair locked Shirai from her own legs. Charlotte started dominating on IO Shirai. 

After a commercial break, IO Shirai delivered a drop kick to Charlotte Flair. She tried to pin Charlotte Flair, but Charlotte Flair kicked out. Charlotte countered, and delivered a back-breaker. Charlotte delivered a moonsault from top of the ring, but IO Shirai saved own. Then IO delivered double knees on Charlotte, and tried to pin Charlotte, but Charlotte kicked out.

Charlotte did the counter attack, and delivered a big boot move, and tried to pin IO Shirai, but Shirai kicked out. Then IO Shirai tried to deliver a moonsault at outside the ring, but Charlotte saved own, and attacked from candle stick. Referee stopped the match. IO Shirai won the match by disqualification, but Charlotte retained the championship.

Winner: IO Shirai by disqualification.

Charlotte Flair tried to brutal attack on Shirai, but we saw the return of Rhea Ripley. She attacked on Charlotte Flair, but somehow Charlotte saved own, and ran away. Then we saw some arguments in between IO Shirai and Rhea Ripley. Even at the backstage, we saw a brawl in between IO Shirai and Rhea Ripley.

6. Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Kushida vs Jake Atlas

Next we saw an another match of Interim NXT CW Championship tournament’s match. This time it happened in between Kushida and Jake Atlas. Match started.

We saw some athleticism at the starting of match, then Kushida strikes on Atlas. He used a cart-wheel, and then hit a dropkick. Then Atlas countered, and showed some fightback.

Atlas delivered a cross body, but Kushida delivered a kick, and then immediately applied armbar submission. Jake Atlas immediately tapped out.

Winner: Kushida.

7. WWE NXT Results: Finn Balor return on NXT

Next we saw the return of prince Finn Balor on NXT. He came here to find the mystery attacker who attacked on him. Finn Balor addressed to attacker that you attacked me, and then hide. You think you will get a big push. You are in front of prince, and when you will come in front of me, you will be squashed.Β 

8. WWE NXT Results: Cameron Crimes vs Denzel Dejounette

Next we saw a match which happened in between Cameron Crimes and Denzel Dejournette. Match started. Cameron Crimes tried to deliver flying double knees, but Denzel countered, and delivered Belly to Belly drop twice, but then Cameron countered, and this times he successfully delivered flying double knees to Dejournett, and successfully pinned him.

Winner: Cameron Crimes.

After the match Cameron Crimes said I deserve better than this, Finn Balor said if anyone want to come on top, he needs to face him. Cameron said I will hit a slap on the face of Finn Balor. Meanwhile Finn Balor came to ring, and said you want to slap on my face, then go for it. Cameron tried to attack, but Finn counter, and delivered a slingblade. Balor again addressed to attacker that you snake, when I will find you, I will break your head.

9. Main Event: Adam Cole(c) vs Velveteen Dream NXT Championship

In the main event, we saw a match for the NXT Championship which happened in between champion Adam Cole vs challenger Velveteen Dream. Match starts.

Velveteen Dream strikes first, and threw Cole outside the ring. Then he threw him on the steel steps. Both came into the ring. Cole tried to knee attack, but Velveteen countered, and delivered a spine buster move. Velveteen Dream tried to pin Adam Cole, but Cole kicked out.

Velveteen Dream was dominating on Adam Cole. He tried to pin Cole again, but Adam Cole kicked out again. Adam Cole countered, and delivered a kick, and then back stabber move. Adam Cole tried to pin Velveteen Dream, but Velveteen Dream kicked out.

Adam Cole delivered a kick, but it turned submit moment for Dream, but Cole kicked out. Meanwhile Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong tried to interfere in the match, but Dexter Lumis came from below the ring, and attacked on Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish. Meanwhile referee got hurt.

Then Velveteen Dream delivered a elbow drop from top of the ring on Cole, Velveteen Dream went for pin, but referee was down. Then velveteen Dream attacked on both Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong at outside the ring. Dream came into the ring, but this time Adam Cole delivered a bicycle kick, and then Last Shot kick, and he pinned Velveteen dream. Adam Cole retained NXT Championship successfully.

Winner: Adam Cole.

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