wwe royal rumble 2020 results


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is live stream of WWE Royal Rumble 2020 results. This year WWE Royal Rumble is happening at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, US on 26th January in USA, but it’s 27th January in India right now. 


shorty g vs Sheamus Royal Rumble 2020

Kickoff show started by the match of Shorty G vs Sheamus. It was an average match. Shorty G didn’t show many things because Sheamus applied an ankle lock, and then defeated Shorty G by a Brogue kick.

Winner: Sheamus.


Humberto Carrillo vs Andrade US Championship Royal Rumble 2020.

In the second match of kickoff show, we saw a match in between Andrade vs Humberto Carrillo for the United States Championship. Overall it was a nice match. Both man delivered a nice fight. It was full of athleticism. One of the move was when Humberto delivered a “Hurricane” from the top of the ring. But in the end, Andrade pinned Humberto Carrillo via rollup, and retained his US title successfully.

Winner: Andrade.



Main show started by the match of Roman Reigns vs King Corbin. This was a falls count anywhere match. Match started at outside the ring. Roman Reigns started the opening attack.

Reigns delivered 10 continuously punched on King Corbin. Roman was preparing for delivering a superman punch, but Corbin countered, and delivered “deep six” on Roman Reigns. 

Then both man started fighting in the audience area. They came to the ring again, where Corbin delivered two time chockeslam on Roman on the commentary table. He tried to pin Roman, but Roman kicked out.

Then both man went to the audience area again, where Roman delivered 2 time Samoan Drop on Corbin on announcing table. He tried to pin Corbin, but Corbin kicked out. 

After this, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler attacked on Roman Reigns, but USO came for helping Roman Reigns. Chaos started in between USO vs Ziggler and Roode. Roode and Ziggler beaten USO brothers. Somehow Jimmy USO delivered a splash on Ziggler and Roode from a height.

Then Roman Reigns delivered 2 continuously superman punch on King Corbin. Roman closed Corbin in a big box. People were chanting “Holy Shit”. Later on Corbin countered, and started attack on Roman from steel chairs. 

Roman countered again, and delivered a superman punch, and then a massive spear. With these moves, Roman Reigns pinned King Corbin.

Winner: Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin in Royal Rumble 2020.


Next we saw a 30 women Royal Rumble match. The first entrant was Alexa Bliss, and the second entrant was Bianca Belair. Match started. Both women started beating each other. Bianca delivered a back breaker move. 3!2!1!

The next entrant was Molly Holly. She came, and started attack on both Bianca and Bliss. She delivered a cross body move from the top of the ring. 3!2!1! The next entrant was Nikki Cross. Bliss started smiling. They started working with each other. 

The next entrant was Lana. She did a small promo cut before going into the ring. Her target was audience. She said she will Royal Rumble. She tried to eliminate Molly Holly, but Molly Holly saved own. 

The next entrant was Mercedes Martinez. She delivered a butterfly suplex on Lana. The next entrant was Liv Morgan. She came, and immediately eliminated Lana. But Lana didn’t go anywhere, In fact she eliminated Liv too. Then we saw a brawl at outside the ring. The next entrant was Mandy Rose.

Nikki and Mandy started fighting. The next entrant was Candice LeRae. Meanwhile Bianca eliminated Molly Holly. Bianca threw Mandy from top of the ring, but she landed on Otis. Otis saved Mandy. 

The next entrant was Sonya Deville. Then Sonya and Mandy started working with each other. They eliminated Mercedes Martinez. The next entrant was Kairi Sane. She delivered a double spear on Bianca and Nikki. 

The next entrant was Mia Yim. She delivered a neck breaker on Kairi, and then eat defeat on Nikki. Meanwhile Bianca eliminated Nikki Cross, and Fire & Desire.

The next entrant was Dana Brooke. Meanwhile Bianca Belair eliminated Candice LaRea. This was her 5th elimination. 

Then Alexa Bliss eliminated Kairi Sane. The next entrant was Tamina. We saw a little brawl in between Tamina and Bianca, but Bianca eliminated Tamina too. It was her 6th elimination. The next entrant was Dakota Kai. 

The next entrant was Chelsea Green. She eliminated Dakota Kai. In the next moment Alexa eliminated Chelsea Green. Dana tried to eliminate Alexa, but Bianca eliminated Dana too. 

Then Bianca eliminated Alexa Bliss. The next entrant was Charlotte Flair. She started attacking on Bianca. The next entrant was returning Naomi.


Charlotte and Naomi working together. The next entrant was Beth Phoenix. Match was going nicely. The next entrant was Tony Storm. Meanwhile Charlotte eliminated Bianca Belair.

The next entrant was Kelly Kelly, but Charlotte Flair eliminated Kelly Kelly. The next entrant was Sarah Logan, but Charlotte Flair eliminated her. Next entrant was Natalya. 

Natalya and Beth Phoenix working together. The next entrant was Xia Li. The next entrant was Zelina Vega. Next participant was Shotzi Blackheart. She tried to eliminate Naomi, but we saw an impressive athleticism of Naomi. The next entrant was Carmella. 

Meanwhile Beth and Natalya were beating Charlotte Flair. The next entrant was Tegan Nox. Match was going very nice. The next entrant was Santina Marella. He came with women’s outfit. He eliminated himself by own.

The final entrant was Shayna Baszler. She eliminated Xia Li. Meanwhile Naomi came back into the ring. Shayna eliminated both Tony Storm and Carmella. 

Then Beth Phoenix eliminated Natalya. Charlotte tried to eliminate both Shayna and Beth, both saved own. Beth tried to eliminate Charlotte, but Shayna eliminated Beth. 

In the end, Charlotte Flair eliminated Shayna Baszler, and won the 2020 Royal Rumble. 

Winner: Charlotte Flair.


Next we saw a match which happened in between Bayley and Lacey Evans for the Smackdown Women Championship. Match started. 

Lacey started the opening attack. She tried to pin Bayley, but Bayley immediately kicked out. Bayley started playing mind games, and attacked on Lacey. She delivered a flying elbow on Lacey, and tried to pin Lacey, but Lacey kicked out.

She delivered a suplex on Lacey, and tried to pin Lacey, but Lacey kicked out. Lacey tried to counter, but Bayley also countered. Bayley delivered a closeline, tried to pin Lacey, but Lacey kicked out. Bayley was completely dominating on Lacey Evans.  

Lacey started the opening attack, and delivered some moves. Bayley started attack again. She was attacking on Lacey at outside the ring. Lacey countered again, and tried to deliver a moonsault, but Bayley played smartly, and pinned Lacey Evans.

Winner: Bayley.

Bayley defeated Lacey Evans Royal Rumble 2020.


Fiend vs Bryan strap match Rumble 2020.

Next we saw a match in between Daniel Bryan and Fiend for the Universal Championship. This was a strap match. Match started. 

Daniel started the opening attack, but Fiend countered, and started attacking on Bryan using strap. He was dominating on Bryan. He made the red of Daniel’s back by beating from strap. 

Fiend tried to deliver Sister Abigail, but Daniel countered, and delivered a running knee. Bryan tried to pin Fiend, but Fiend kicked out. Daniel delivered a splash on Fiend at outside the ring.

Daniel started taking the advantage of strap, and started punishing Fiend. Bryan delivered an another running knee, but nothing happened to Fiend, and he started attack on Bryan. He trie dto attack on Bryan on commentary table, but Bryan countered, and using low blow. 


Fiend fall down, and now Daniel used strap, and started beating Fiend. Then Daniel delivered some Yes kicks, and strap’s attack. 

Daniel went for an another running knee, but Fiend countered, and delivered a sister abigail out a nowhere. Fiend tried to pin Daniel, but Daniel kicked out. 

Then Fiend applied Mandible Claw, but Daniel played smartly, and applied yes lock using strap, but Fiend countered again. He started punishing Daniel by strap. 

Fiend tried to deliver an sister abigail, but Daniel countered, and delivered a running knee. Daniel tried to pin Fiend, but Fiend kicked out. Daniel started to attack on Fiend from strap, but nothing happened to Fiend.

In the end, Fiend pinned Daniel Bryan using mandible claw, and retained his Universal Title successfully. Daniel Bryan was looking so hurt.

Winner: Fiend.

Fiend defeated Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble 2020.


Royal Rumble 2020 Match Card: Becky Lynch vs Asuka Raw Women Championship.

Next we saw a match which happened in between Becky Lynch and Asuka for the Raw Women Championship. Match started. Both women started beating each other. Asuka delivered dis-armer to Asuka on top of the ring. She tried to pin Asuka, but Asuka kicked out. 

Asuka countered, and used ropes to attack. She delivered a leg drop from top of the ring. Asuka tried to pin Becky, but Becky kicked out. 

Becky countered, delivered double knees on the back of Asuka. She delivered a drop kick, and tried to pin Asuka, but Asuka kicked out. 

Becky started attacking on Asuka at outside the ring. She delivered a back explorer on Asuka outside the ring. In the next moment, she delivered a leg drop on Asuka, and tried to pin Asuka, but Asuka kicked out.

Asuka starting the counter attack, and tried to pin Becky, but Becky kicked out. Then Asuka delivered a hip attack on Becky on ring’s post. 

Asuka delivered a double knee, and used Asuka lock to beat Becky, but Becky saved own. Asuka delivered a massive kick on Becky. Referee thought that Becky has out from the ring, went to stop the match, but Becky stopped him. 

Becky started the counterattack, and tried to pin Asuka, but Asuka kicked out. Asuka tried to threw green mist, but Becky played smartly, and delivered a back kick. She used Dis-Armer on Asuka, Asuka was paining, and she tapped out.

Winner: Becky Lynch.

Becky lynch defeated Asuka in Royal Rumble 2020.


wwe royal rumble 2020

In the main event we saw a 30 man’s Royal Rumble match. Before the match, Booker T came for commentary. Michael Cole announced that Rusev and Bobby Lashley has out from the match because they did a brawl outside the arena. Due to that brawl, they has injured.

As we know the first entrant was Brock Lesnar. He came on ring. The next entrant was Elias. Match started. Brock Lesnar started attack on Elias. He delivered a suplex on Elias. Meanwhile Paul Heyman gave Elias’s guitar to Brock, and Brock attacked on Elias from that guitar. Then Brock eliminated Elias. 

The next entrant was Eric Rowan. Brock immediately eliminated Erick Rowan. He eliminated Erick in 8 seconds. The next entrant was Robert Roode. Robert tried to deliver some fight, but Brock delivered F5 on Roode, and then he eliminated Robert Roode too. 

The next entrant was John Morrison, but Brock eliminated him too. He eliminated John Morrison in 9 seconds.

The next entrant was Kofi Kingston. He came, and tried to do some fight, but Brock delivered a suplex on Kofi. The next entrant was Rey Mysterio. This was a good opportunity for both Kofi and Rey Mysterio to take the revenge from Brock Lesnar. But things was happening opposite. Brock was dominating on both participants. 

Brock delivered a suplex on both Kofi and Rey Mysterio. The next entrant was Big E. Now all three man started working together. Kofi delivered Trouble in paradise, while Big E delivered Big ending, and Rey delivered 619. But things went reverse again. Brock eliminated all 3 man.

The next entrant was Cesaro. But Brock eliminated him too. This was his 8th elimination. The next entrant was Shelton Benjamin. Shelton is Brock’s college friend, but he eliminated Shelton too. 

The next entrant was Shinsuke Nakamura, but Brock Lesnar eliminated Nakamura also. The next entrant was MVP. This was his return in WWE, but Brock delivered a F5 on him, and then he eliminated MVP.

The next entrant was current NXT north American Champion Keith Lee. Keith Lee delivered a shoulder attack on Brock. Both men down due to collison. The next entrant was Braun Strowman. Braun Strowman started attack on both men.

But Brock Lesnar countered again. He started delivering suplex on both Braun and Keith Lee. Brock down. Keith and Braun started fighting against each other. Meanwhile Brock came from behind, and eliminated both Keith Lee and Braun Strowman. It was his 13th elimination.

The next entrant was Ricochet, but Brock delivered a back breaker on Ricochet. The next entrant was Drew McIntyre. He came on ring. Meanwhile Ricochet delivered a low blow on Brock, and Drew McIntyre delivered Claymore kick on Brock, and he eliminated Brock Lesnar. People become very happy. It was a watching scenario of audience. 

Then Drew McIntyre eliminated Ricochet. The next entrant was Miz. Drew delivered a DDT on Miz, and then Claymore on Miz. He eliminated Miz. 

The next entrant was AJ Styles. AJ Styles applied a crab crusher on McIntyre. The next entrant was Dolph Ziggler. AJ and Dolph started attack on McIntyre, but McIntyre countered, and started counterattack. The next entrant was Karl Anderson. Style, Anderson and Dolph started working with each other. Anderson delivered a spine buster on McIntyre. 

The next entrant was returning Edge. People become crazy. He eliminate AJ Styles. The next entrant was King Corbin. The next entrant Matt Riddle. He came on ring, and started attack on King Corbin, but Corbin eliminated Matt Riddle.

The next entrant was Luke Gallows. Meanwhile Drew McIntyre eliminated King Corbin. Then Good Brothers delivered a magic killer on Edge. The next entrant was Randy Orton. he delivered RKO on both Good Brothers. Then both Edge and Randy eliminated Good brothers.


The next entrant was Roman Reigns. He eliminated Dolph Ziggler. The next entrant was Kevin Owens. he started attack on Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. He delivered popup powerbomb on McIntyre, and stunner on both Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. 

The next entrant was Aleister Black. He started attack on everyone. The next entrant was Samoa Joe. He attacked on Aleister Black. Then Samoa and Kevin started fighting against each other.

The 30th entrant was Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins. He came with his faction. We saw a brawl in between Seth Rollins’s team vs Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. 

They came in ring, and Seth Rollins delivered 2 continuously Curb Stomb on Roman Reigns. He eliminated Aleister Black, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Meanwhile brawl started again in between Seth’s team vs Joe & his company. 

Meanwhile Seth Rollins become alone in ring. He tried to take help from Roman Reigns, but Roman denied. Then Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre started attack on Rollins, and Drew delivered claymore kick on Seth Rollins, and eliminated Seth Rollins. 

Now 4 men only left in the ring. Roman Reigns, Edge, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre. Meanwhile Edge eliminated Randy Orton. Reigns delivered a superman punch on Edge. He was for deliver spear, but Edge played smartly, and deliver a spear on Roman Reigns. He tried to eliminate Roman Reigns, but Roman saved own.

Then Roman Reigns eliminated Edge, and in the end, Drew McIntyre eliminated Roman Reigns, and won the 2020 Royal Rumble match.


Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre won 2020 Royal Rumble.

With this match, Royal Rumble 2020 ended. What you think about this year’s Royal Rumble? Are you satisfied with WWE Royal Rumble 2020 results? Do comment, and share this article.

Images Credit: WWE.

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