Dean Ambrose return to WWE


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE rumors and spoilers. We have some news regarding Dean Ambrose. We know that Dean Ambrose has been left WWE in 2019, and now he is working for All Elite Wrestling.

He is All Elite World Champion right now. He is doing very awesome right now. But recently Dean Ambrose(Jon Moxley) said something very interesting about his WWE return.

WWE Rumors: Ambrose said he would love to do job at McDonald rather than WWE

Dean Ambrose return to WWE

Recently a question asked to Dean Ambrose or Jon Moxley that Would you like go in WWE again? Then Dean Ambrose replied a very interesting answer that “If somehow I do not wrestle, then I would like to work as a producer or coach or trainer. But I will not work as a producer in WWE. 

“Rather work in WWE, I would love to do work in McDonald or road’s making job because WWE’s creative process is very difficult. Although other company than WWE, this process is very easy, but in WWE storyline making, creativity process is very difficult task”. 

People works in WWE they treats as a stupid way because Vince McMahon treats them as a puppet. Vince McMahon makes everyone dance at his behest. This is the reason that I will never work in WWE”.

Dean Ambrose WWE return

Above statements cleared that Dean Ambrose’s mood clearly showing that he is not coming in WWE, until his mind do not change. But you cant say “Never Say Never”. In WWE everything is possible. 

We have seen many times in the past that things changed in WWE. Like CM Punk’s joining WWE Backstage show, Goldberg’s return, etc. Probably this thing also will be happen definitely at some time. 

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