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Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This time we are going to tell you about that- WWE is trying to end the PG-ERA. I know most of you may be thinking that- what is the PG-ERA? We are going to tell about this in detail. We will also tell you that how it will effect the WWE in future. One question is arising in many minds that- Is it good or bad for WWE? What will be the new changes that we may see after removing of PG-Era? So, we will tell you about everything in detail.

So, this time we have some very interesting news for you. Please read the article till the end because it is going to be very interesting article for you. So without wasting the time, lets start the article.


what is pg-era?

PG means Parental Guidance. In this PG-Era, WWE banned some of the stuffs are as follows:

  • No Swearing
  • No Blood
  • No Sex
  • No Drugs

If you need a good sponsors and advertisement then you have to show some family friendly content on your brand or show. You cannot show brutal or hardcore stuffs on your show. In PG-Era, we get to see blood from the wrestlers body, but in a limited manner. In this era, we do not get to see some bold moments. Your content should not be influence the children. This means, everything in a good manner.



The audience we saw in the Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era, that kind of audience is not coming right now in WWE. This is because those Era was the non PG-Era. On that Era, we saw brutal or hardcore stuffs. But now, before going to make such storylines WWE have to think about their sponsors and advertisement.

If they will do add brutal stuffs into their storylines, their business would go down. That’s why we get to see boring segments and normal matches in WWE. Due to this, WWE are losing their fans, and audience moving on AEW. On AEW we get to see brutal and hardcore stuffs.


Recently WWE gave some sign that they are trying to end the PG-Era, and would listen to their fans.

Corey Graves said Holy Shit on Air

On Last Raw, when both Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley brutally collided with Titantron LED, then Corey Graves said on AIR- “Holy Shit”. This is the perfect sign that WWE is trying to end the PG-ERA. Corey Graves said this statement because it was the part of storyline, else WWE definitely had been fired Corey Graves.

Kofi Kingston showed "Middle Finger" to Samoa Joe on Live TV

The next biggest sign given from the WWE that Kofi Kingston showed “Middle Finger” to Samoa Joe on Live TV. It was the Face to Face meeting of Kofi Kingston and Samoa Joe. After a small conversation, Samoa Joe asked for hand shake to Kofi Kingston. Then Kofi Kingston showed “Middle Finger” to Samoa Joe on the live audience.

These all the incidents are saying that WWE is trying to end the PG-Era because after doing stuffs like this, audience will more engage with WWE. People wants to see stuffs like this. This means that WWE is keeping more attention toward their fans rather than business.


WWE is ending PG-ERA due to AEW

The question is arising that- Why WWE is ending the PG-ERA? why they are taking risk of business? There are two reason behind this.

The first reason we told you already that people are getting bore to watching normal matches, and boring promo segments.

The next biggest reason is that they are scaring from AEW at some level. It is hard to say but WWE is affecting due to AEW. If you are noticing the content of AEW, you find that they are more listening to the fans. They are delivering brutality and hardcore stuffs in their matches. Recently we saw the match of Jon Moxley and Joey Janela at Fyter Fest. It was the fully packed hardcore match, We saw lots of brutal stuffs on this match.

Due to these kinds of matches, people are appreciating the content of AEW rather than WWE’s content. They are moving towards AEW. After watching this, helplessly WWE are ending the PG-ERA.

So, this is all about from this article. I hope you will like this article. Please share your thought about this decision of WWE. Are you happy or not? Please comment on the comment section.

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