wwe superstars sick in quarantine


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. We have some wwe rumors and news for you. We all are suffering from global pandemic. Due to this, every matches and events has been canceled. Every travels has been canceled. People are working from their homes, and everyone are sitting in their homes. 

But apart from that WWE and AEW are doing commendable things. Somehow, they are providing their weekly content. As we told you that WWE and AEW are providing their content because they want to make strong public relations.

Somehow WWE is going to organize Wrestlemania 36 in an empty arena. This year Wrestlemania is going to happen in two nights. We can say that WWE is trying to make things better from own. We don’t say that how they will manage? but they are doing a commendable job.


At Wrestlemania 36 we were going to see a 6 pack women match for the Smackdown Women Championship. But later on WWE edit this match, and they made this match a fatal 5 way. They removed Dana Brooke from this match. News came out that Dana is suffering from illness, and wwe told her to stay in home. 

But now an another WWE superstar has been sick in quarantine. This superstar is former wwe champion Rey Mysterio. 

According to Dave Meltzer– “There were multiple different ideas for US title matches, but from last week, I think the main idea was probably going to be Andrade and Rey, and Rey is also in quarantine so he’s off the show.

That is the only reason that WWE booked a match randomly for the Raw Tag Championship. Now Andrade and Angel Garza will face Street Profits for the Raw Tag Championship at Wrestlemania.

This is a big news regarding WWE. We should pray for everyone who is suffering from this pandemic. This is all about from today’s wwe rumors and news. 

Images Credit: WWE.

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