WWE Smackdown Live results 17 January 2020.


Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE Smackdown live stream which is happening at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC on 17th January 2020.


Show was started by the Kane. He came on the ring, and said we are 9 days away from Royal Rumble. It is the match of opportunity, the winner will go Wrestle Mania. I know the important of this match. He announced that he is going into Royal Rumble match.

He just saying all this, but we saw Bray Wyatt on Titantron LED. We saw the segment of Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House.

Then Fiend’s music hit, Fiend came from under the ring, and tried to attack on Kane, but meanwhile Daniel Bryan delivered a running knee on Fiend from behind. Bryan started attack on Fiend, but somehow Fiend saved own by going under the ring back.

Then we saw the reunite of Team Hell No.

After the break, Daniel Bryan challenged Fiend to a Strap match at Royal Rumble 2020.


Next we saw a match in between Big E and John Morrison. This was the first match of John Morrison after returning in WWE. Match started. Big E started attacked on Morrison. But Morrison countered, and started showing his athleticism.

He delivered a neck breaker on Big E at outside the ring. After the break Morrison was dominating on Big E. Big E countered, and delivered two continuously Belly to Belly. Then he delivered a Big Splash.  

John Morrison countered, and delivered a neck breaker again. Morrison tried to pin Big E, but Big E kicked out.

Meanwhile Kofi and Miz started arguing at outside the ring. Kofi attacked on Miz, but John Morrison attacked on Kofi.

Big tried to attack on Morrison, but Miz saved Morrison. then Morrison delivered a kick. Big E down, and Morrison delivered his finisher “Starship Pain” move, and pinned Big E.

It was the nice start for John Morrison in WWE.

Winner: John Morrison.  

In the backstage, we saw USO and Roman Reigns where USO said to Roman Reigns if you win tonight’s match against Robert Roode, then you can add your stipulation in a match against King Corbin at Royal Rumble 2020.


Next we saw a tag team match in between USO and Revival. Jimmy and Dawson started the match. Jimmy started the attack, and gave a tag to Jey. Jey tried to pin Dawson, but Dawson kicked out.

Dawson countered, and gave a tag to Dash Wilder. Wilder started attack on Jey USO. Then Revival started attack on Jey USO.

Somehow Jey gave a tag to Jimmy USO. Jimmy started attack on both Dash Wilder and Dawson. Jimmy delivered a cross body on Dash Wilder. Meanwhile Jey delivered a suicide dive on Dawson, and Jimmy delivered a splash on Wilder, and pinned Wilder. USO won this match.

Winner: USO.

Next we saw a backstage brawl in between Lacey Evans and Boss N Hug Connection. Later on Bayley said that if Lacey will try to attack us again, I will break her body.

Then WWE official came , and said to Bayley and Sasha that Sasha were going to fight against Lacey tonight, but now you(Bayley) will fight against Lacey Evans. It is a non title match, and your(Bayley) match is next.  


Next we saw a women’s divison match which happened in between current Smackdown women’s champion Bayley and Lacey Evans. Match started.

From starting Bayley started playing mindgames, but Lacey Evans countered. She started attack on Bayley. Lacey tried to pin Bayley, but Bayley immediately kicked out.

Bayley countered, and tried to pin Lacey illegally, but referee noticed that. Bayley started attack on Lacey Evans. She tried to pin Lacey again, but Lacey kicked out.

Meanwhile Lacey countered, and started attack on Bayley. She tried to deliver Moonsault, but Bayley countered.

Then Bayley started attack on Lacey. She started attack on Lacey at outside the ring. After the break, Bayley was beating Lacey Evans, and tried to pin Lacey two times, but every time Lacey Evans kicked out.

Then Bayley delivered a flying elbow under the chin of Lacey, and tried to pin Lacey, but Lacey kicked out again.

Somehow Lacey Evans countered, and delivered a “Women’s Right” move on Bayley, and she pinned Bayley. 

Winner: Lacey Evans.

Then we saw a backstage interview of Shorty G. He was addressing on two week’s ago attack on own by Sheamus, but Sheamus interrupt him. Then we saw a small brawl in between Shorty G and Sheamus.

Then we saw Braun Strowman’s interview at backstage. He said that he wants a Intercontinental Championship match against Shinsuke Nakamura anytime, anywhere.


Next we saw Elias on the ring, he started to sing a song. But Nakamura’s compnay interrupt him. They addressed about Braun Strowman’s situation.

Then Elias started to sing a song on Sami Zyan’s shut the mouth, but Sami interrupt him again. Sami ordered Cesaro to attack on Elias. Then we saw that everyone (Cesaro, Nakamura and Sami) started attack on Elias, but Braun Strowman helped Elias, and beaten Nakamura’s company.


Next we saw a match in between Sonya Deville and Alexa Bliss. Heavy Machinery stood at outside the ring. Match started.

Sonya started the opening attack, but Alexa countered, and started attack on Sonya. Mandy tried to interfere, but Alexa pushed her, but Otis grabbed her. Meanwhile Alexa Bliss pinned Sonya Deville via rollup.

Winner: Alexa Bliss.


In the main event we saw a match in between Roman Reigns and Robert Roode in a table match. If Roman will win this match, then he will add his stipulation against King Corbin in Royal Rumble, while if Robert Roode wins then King Corbin will do the same.

Roman Reigns was coming on the ring, but Robert Roode attacked on him from behind. Match started. But Roman Reigns countered, and started attack on Robert Roode. 

Roman Reigns brought table, but Robert Roode countered, and attacked on Roman Reigns. Roman countered again, and delivered a spear at outside the ring, but Robert Roode saved own from that spear, and Roman bumped from briquettes. Meanwhile King Corbin came with his Royal security.

After the break, Robert Roode tried to deliver a superplex on the table, but Roman countered, and delivered a superman punch on Roode at outside the ring. Roman Reigns was preparing to deliver a spear, but King Corbin interfered him, and then Dolph Ziggler deliver sweet chin music on Roman Reigns’s chin. They started attack on Roman Reigns.

Robert Roode were preparing to deliver a spalsh on Roman at commentary table, but USO came, and attacked on Roode, Ziggler and Corbin. 

Corbin ran away, but USO deliver a splash on Ziggler on commentary table, and Roman Reigns deliver a spear on Roode on the table. With this Roman Reigns won the match, and he announced that he will fight against Corbin at Royal rumble 2020 in a “falls count anywhere” match. 

Winner: Roman Reigns.

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