WWE Smackdown Live Results 15 May 2020: IC Title's Tournament

WWE Smackdown Live Results 15 May 2020: IC Title’s Tournament

Welcome to the Wrestling Battle. This is WWE Smackdown live results which is happening at WWE Performance Center Florida, USA on 15th May 2020. WWE is going to start a tournament for vacant Intercontinental Championship from this show. Stay tuned here to get all live results of today’s Friday Night Smackdown.

1. WWE Smackdown Live Results: Otis on the Miz TV

Show started by the Miz TV. Otis was the guest. Otis was looking so happy because he won Money in the Bank 2020 briefcase. 

Otis said this is my biggest victory of my carrier. Miz started talked about Otis’s life, from birth to now. Miz and John Morrison talked about Otis’s fatty look. He said that You even didn’t climb the ladder, and got the Money in the Bank briefcase, even you got a girl, that is unbelievable. Miz and Morrison ended this segment by saying to Otis that we are going to fight tonight in a tag team match.


2. Round 1 IC Titles’s Tournament: Elias vs King Corbin

Intercontinental Title’s tournament started. The first match we watch which happens in between Elias and King Corbin. This is the Round-1. Match starts.

Elias started the attack first, but Corbin countered, and delivered a back elbow move, he tried to pin Elias, but Elias kicked out. Corbin holds Elias into a lock, but Elias gets out from that lock. 

Elias delivered a closeline, and threw Corbin outside the ring. Then Elias jumped on Corbin from top of the ring. Meanwhile King Corbin countered, and started attacked on Elias. Corbin started mocking of Elias.


Elias started the countered attack, and beaten up Elias at outside the ring. Elias started control on King Corbin. Corbin countered again, and started beating of Elias on commentary table. Corbin tried to pin Elias, but Elias kicked out again. 

Back and Forth action for some minutes, Corbin hit a big closeline, and tried to pin Elias again, and Elias kicked out third time. Meanwhile Elias countered, and delivered a spinning neck breaker on King Corbin. 

Corbin strikes again, and delivered a spine buster, and chockeslam, and then hit a guitar on Elias. But then Elias hit a knee on the chin of Corbin, and pinned King Corbin via rollup, and won the match.

Winner: Elias.

Otis was looking for a tag team partner to fight against Miz and John Morrison, because Tucker was not available. Otis asked to Sheamus to become a tag partner for a match, but Sheamus denied.

Then Mandy Rose came, and gave a advise to Otis that ask to Braun Strowman to become your tag partner for tonight.


Otis asked to Braun Strowman to become tag partner for tonight, but Braun Strowman said are you looking for a moment that you cash-in your own Money in the Bank briefcase on me? I know these mind games. Otis said nothing is like that. Braun said I respect you, I will think on your proposal.

3. WWE Smackdown live results: Naomi vs Dana Brooke

Next we saw a women’s division match. It happened in between Naomi and Dana Brooke. Match started.

Naomi started attack on Dana Brooke, but Dana countered, and tried to get a rollup victory, but Noami kicked out. Naomi delivered a crossbody from top rope, but Dana Brooke shocked Naomi again, because Dana pinned Naomi via rollup. This was the Dana’s second consecutive victory over Naomi.

Winner: Dana Brooke.

4. NXT Women Champion “Queen” Charlotte Flair on Smackdown

We know that we are watching brand to brand invitation in WWE. So, we saw NXT Women Champion Charlotte Flair on Smackdown.

Charlotte said “So here I’m”, the hardest working women. Fox invited me, and I’m here. Charlotte started to appreciate own, but then we saw the interference of Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Bayley and Sasha came on ring, and started mocking of Charlotte Flair. Both Bayley and Charlotte Flair started mocking each other. Charlotte said Sasha Banks is the only reason that you are still a champion.

Charlotte tried to provoke Sasha Banks against Bayley, but Bayley stopped her, and she gave a challenge to Charlotte Flair for a match. Charlotte Flair accepted that challenge. But Charlotte said to Banks that “Are you your own woman, or are you just going to be lackey and happy being an afterthought?”

5. Round 1 IC Titles’s Tournament: Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

Next we saw an another match of IC title’s tournament. This time it was Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak. Match started.

Both shook the hands. Both started showing technical skills on each other. Daniel Bryan grabbed Drew in Yes Lock, but Drew gets out from that lock. Drew Gulak countered, and locked Daniel into sleeper submission, but Daniel Bryan saved own. 

Drew Gulak threw Daniel Bryan outside the ring. Daniel face hit on the ground. Daniel Bryan came back into the ring. Drew Gulak tried to pin Daniel Bryan, but Bryan kicked out. 

Daniel countered, and applied a Ankle lock, and then a German-Suplex. Daniel tried to pin Gulak, but Gulak kicked out. Gulak countered again, and hit a neck driver, and tried to pin of Bryan, but Bryan kicked out. 

Daniel countered again, and hit an another German-Suplex. There was a counterattack and attack from both sides. In the end, Daniel Bryan applied a heel hook submission, and Drew Gulak tapped out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan.

6. Main Event: Otis and Braun Strowman vs Miz and John Morrison

In the main event of tonight’s show we saw a tag team action which happened in between Otis and Braun Strowman vs Miz and John Morrison.


John Morrison and Otis started the things. John Morrison was attacking on Otis, but Otis was enjoying. Otis delivered a slam to John Morrison. Then we saw very interesting scenario. Both Otis and Braun Strowman performed caterpillar move, and delivered a elbow drop on Morrison simultaneously.


Somehow John Morrison gave a tag to Miz, and Miz started beating of Otis. Miz was totally dominating on Otis. Somehow Otis gave a tag to Braun Strowman, and Strowman started firing up. 


Morrison took a tag from Morrison, started beating of Strowman, but Strowman countered, and delivered a powerslam, and pinned John Morrison.

Winner: Braun Strowman and Otis.

In the end, Mandy Rose came, and Otis started to show that he will attack on Braun Strowman, but nothing was like that. Otis and Mandy Rose celebrated the victory, and Braun Strowman too.

This was the last segment of today’s WWE Smackdown show. I hope you liked the show. Thank You for joining us.

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